Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Adam and Sally Reunite

Is this a Y&R couple meant to be?

Y&R spoilers have suggested that there could be trouble in paradise for Sally and Nick. He didn’t tell her he was back from his trip. She was with Adam when Nick finally did make an appearance.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

Sally (Courtney Hope) is still talking a good game when it comes to her feelings for Nick (Joshua Morrow). But is it only a matter of time before she and Adam (Mark Grossman) are back in each other’s arms?

Young and the Restless: Dead Like Me

Sally would like to believe that her feelings for Adam died at the same time their baby did. Sure, she’d already dumped him before, but, this time, she really meant it. All they could be now is friends. Or maybe even family…if she and Nick keep heading in the right direction.

Y&R: Cause and Effect

The only way Sally will turn off Nick is if he hurts her. And there are so many ways for him to do that. From the beginning, Nick has made it clear that he likes Sally well enough. She’s fun. But this isn’t a great, life-changing love. The undisputed love of Nick’s life is Sharon (Sharon Case). And they’re about to work together, side by side, day by day. How long until he barely remembers who Sally is?

Y&R Spoilers: Meant To Be

And that will send Sally running right back to Adam. Their initial breakup never made much sense. Especially when they confirmed it by…jumping into bed together. Right, right, it was a bye-bye boink. Sure, Sally. Everyone confirms how they have no more feelings left for somebody by having sex with them.

In the end, it won’t be their grief over Ava, or even Nick treating Sally like the afterthought she is in his life. It will be because they can’t stay away from each other because they never should have broken up in the first place, and because they get each other like no one else ever will.

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