90 Day Fiance: Kenny Turns Into A Ken Doll, Awaiting Barbie Movie’s Premiere!

Kenny and Armando are one of the most loved couples in the show. They came into the spotlight as one of the first gay couples on the show. The 90 Day Fiance stars captivated the audience with their empowering storyline. They always stood strong with each other despite the non-stop family drama. The couple finally walked down the aisle despite their huge age gap. Kenny and Armando starred in several spin-offs of the show. Now, they have returned with another season of The Other Way. Moreover, they continue to feature in the Pillow Talk episodes. Recently, Kenneth Neidermeier surprised fans with his unique appearance. Apparently, he turned into a real-life Ken from the Barbie movie!

90 Day Fiance: Kenny & Armando Clash Over Being The Perfect Ken!

Kenny and Armando are popular for their wholesome relationship. Fans of the franchise admire the couple for their drama-free journey. Celebrities and brands around the world are promoting the Barbie movie at full throttle. Several TLC stars also went ahead to show off their Barbie makeovers on social media. Hence, Kenny and Armando also decided to jump on the bandwagon. Recently, the former surprised his fans with his latest Barbie makeover.

The 90 Day Fiance celeb took to Instagram to promote the upcoming movie. He shared a video featuring himself, Armando, and their daughter Hannah. The video started with the three of them sitting in their bedroom. Then, Hannah pushed a button on his remote, and everything changed around them in a blink of an eye. The entire decor turned pink, and Kenny talked about how he loved the vibe. But the TLC star asked why it was that way.

Hannah excitedly replied with “Barbie” while pointing at the movie trailer. Well, both her paretns started competing to see who was the perfect Ken with the most, Ken-ergy. But Hannah chose the star of the film, Ryan Gosling, as the ultimate winner. The 60-year-old star stated, “Feel the KENergy” in the caption as he promoted the movie. Then, fans started praising Kenny for looking very much like Ken in the comments. Many also said that the director should have hired him instead!

90 Day Fiance: Armando Is Pushing Kenny To Have Baby At 60?

Kenny and Armando might be the most successful couple in the show. However, their life has not been all roses. The 90 Day Fiance stars struggled a lot to convince their families to let them marry at first. Now, it appears that the duo is struggling to decide whether to have a baby or not. Armando wants him and Kenny to have another kid of their own. They already co-parented the former’s biological daughter, Hannah, together. However, the reality TV celeb wishes to expand their family. But Kenny has always been hesitant about having a baby considering his age.

Kenny is not ready to take up the responsibilities after already raising his kids and grandkids. Now it seems that having a baby has become the biggest obstacle in their marriage. Neidermeier also shared that he felt pressured by Armando to have a baby. However, the latter always remains interested in continuing the conversation. Will they be able to adopt a baby together? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more updates on Kenny, Armando, and their decision to have a baby and other 90 Day Fiance news.


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