General Hospital: Carly Horrified – Will She Sacrifice Herself for Jason?

You’re listening to Soap Dirt, your go-to source for the latest in television entertainment news. Hey GH fans, it’s Belinda from Soap Dirt, and wow, things have really taken a turn this week on the ABC soap opera. Sam has uncovered that Carly is the reason Jason stayed away for so long, and soon Carly will find out too. Given her history of impulsive actions, I’m betting she’ll do something drastic once she knows the truth.

General Hospital Spoilers 6/18/24: Carly and Sam Clash! | Soaps In Depth

Let’s dive into the fallout of Carly learning this shocking revelation. But first, if you’re not already following us, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss any updates. Now, tell me in the comments—do you agree? I feel like Sam is acting at cross purposes right now. Her motives are puzzling; she says she doesn’t want Danny Morgan near his dad, Jason Morgan, and Carly lashed out at Sam when she asked her to convince Jason to stay away from Danny. Carly was harsh and judgmental, making Sam instantly regret bringing it up.

It was a tense scene but also a throwback to the classic days of Carly and Sam’s fierce feuds over Jason. It was riveting drama, reminiscent of old times. Sam shouldn’t be surprised by what she heard on that FBI recording. Carly has always expected Jason to put her first—before himself, his relationships, and everyone else. And Jason always did. This pattern has doomed most of his relationships. No woman could stand being second to Carly, someone Jason values more than his romantic partners.

Carly and Jason's Engagement on General Hospital Was Not Surprising

So, Sam and Spinelli devised a clever plan to access the FBI evidence files, hoping to find something to leverage against Jason and destroy it. This is what I mean by Sam’s conflicting actions. She wants to keep Jason away from Danny but is simultaneously trying to free him from Jagger and the FBI. It feels like she’s trying to sever ties with Jason while also rescuing him.

I still worry that Jagger is aware of Sam and Spinelli’s scheme. John Kates likely knew Sam was flirting with him at the pool as part of a con. He has an extensive dossier on Jason, knowing every detail about his life. He could have let it happen to see what they were up to, knowing they couldn’t destroy the evidence. Spinelli informed Sam that the files were read-only, but he managed to make a copy. Sam was shocked when she heard the recording of Carly, realizing Jason had once again prioritized Carly over everything else.

Jason has been absent from his sons’ lives because he chose Carly, just like his twin brother Drew did when he went to prison for her. Both of the Q twins have shown a willingness to sacrifice for Carly. On Friday’s episode, Sam confronts Carly with the recording, revealing that the FBI is using her confession to control Jason. Carly will be horrified to learn that Jason lost years of his life because of her actions.

There was a spoiler hinting that the FBI plot will wrap up soon, possibly during July sweeps starting June 27th. By the end of this week, Carly should know she’s the reason Jason has been away for so long. Knowing Carly, she won’t stay quiet or passive. She’ll confront Jason, demanding to know why he made this sacrifice. Jason will likely explain that he was protecting her and didn’t want her to know. He’ll be upset if he finds out Spinelli hacked the FBI, and might finally tell Carly that her reckless behavior causes him more problems.

Carly is known for meddling, and I suspect she’ll decide she needs to save Jason, leading her straight to John Kates. Will Carly ignore Jason’s pleas to let him handle it and pull another stunt? History suggests she will. Let me know what you think in the comments.

You guys know I fully expect Carly to confront John Kates, perhaps even offering herself up to save Jason. Carly owes Jason; he’s always sacrificed for her. Jagger has shown an interest in Carly, so maybe she can charm or negotiate with him to delete the file. We’ll see if she can persuade him once she realizes the full extent of the situation.

General Hospital Has Just Made It Clear Jason and Carly Will Reunite

Drop your comments and let me know your thoughts. Please subscribe if you haven’t already, and come back soon. As always, I’m here discussing General Hospital with you seven days a week. This is Belinda from Soap Dirt. Thank you for being a loyal listener. Follow us wherever you get your podcasts—Soap Dirt is available on all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and more.

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