These Two 90s Characters Just Reunited On General Hospital

Old friends reminisced about the old days in Port Charles.

It’s always fun when characters from General Hospital’s golden days show up on screen, and two memorable characters from the 90s just reunited on the May 8, 2024 episode.

Lois and Jagger on the May 8, 2024 episode of General Hospital with the Soap Hub logo across the bottom

The Reunion

While getting lunch at Bobbie’s after a shopping spree, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) tried to be discreet when she pointed out the scummy FBI agent who tried questioning Danny (Asher Antonyzyn, who recently spoke about working with TV dad Steve Burton) without Sam (Kelly Monaco) present to her mom. But when Lois (Rena Sofer) looked the agent’s way, she immediately recognized him.

“That’s Jagger Cates!” she said, referring to John (Adam Harrington) by his old nickname. She immediately ran over to reconnect with her old friend, and that was when John thanked Brook Lynn for stopping him from questioning Danny that day.

Catching Up

Although it’s a different actor playing John -originally portrayed by Antonio Sabato, Jr., who weighed in on his character’s recast – the two characters reminisced about the old days in Port Charles and caught up on their current lives. Lois specifically asked about John’s son Stone, and he revealed he’s on the spectrum and lives in a group home.

“Being back in Port Charles is harder than I thought it would be,” Lois admitted to her old friend, having returned to town late last year. The two agreed that being back reminded them of who they used to be and how different they are on. “But Jagger, different is not necessarily bad,” Lois assured him.

How did you like the Lois/Jagger reunion? Let us know in the comments.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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