GH Spoilers: It’s Been Leading Up To This…Jason and Sonny Reunite But How Good Does it Feel?

There’s sure to be tension, but will that tension thaw?

Spoilers focus on characters reuniting, sharing close moments, rushing to hospital bedsides, and discovering important intel. Do not miss a minute of the Friday, March 29th episode of General Hospital.

It’s About Time

Jason (Steve Burton) landed back in Port Charles weeks ago. Ever since he and Sonny (Maurice Benard) have continuously mentioned each other’s names, but they’ve never come face to face. Instead, there have been misconceptions, secrets, and doubts. That’s not who they are, right? (GH Alum Kelly Thiebaud said changes in her life are coming)

Well, finally, Jason and Sonny meet. What will their reunion look like? Will Jason tell him everything about what happened to him and why he’s been doing what he’s been doing? And, sure, he was obligated to keep quiet per the FBI but why didn’t he tell Sonny anyway? Meanwhile, Sonny can explain why he leaned toward believing Jason toward shooting Dante (Dominica Zamprogna). Let’s just say the two have a lot to talk about.

Close Moments

Oh that Ava Jerome (Maura West). She has had Sonny’s ear — she’s practically the only person who has. The two have shared a couple of close moments lately. Well, look for them to share another close and charged moment. Does Ava really have designs on Sonny? Is that why she isn’t lifting a finger to help Nina with her Sonny problem? What is Ava’s agenda here with Sonny? Is she really into him?

Dante’s health must take a turn because Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), Danny (Asher Antonyzyn), and Rocco (Finn Francis Carr) suddenly rush to Dante’s bedside. A conflicted Danny (who recently got into it with Hudson West’s Jake) let his mom know he loves and appreciates Dante. Yet he wants to get to know his dad and be by his side, too. After this visit, will he end up feeling elated or hella guilty?

Vanna Status Update

Unfortunately, Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentine (James Patrick Stuart) continue traveling different paths. The PCPD Commissioner discovers some important information. Does this information have to do with shady Agent Cates (Adam Harrington)? Or the new recruit she just hired at the PCPD?

Finally, Valentin makes arrangements. Does his actions have anything to do with his association with Pikeman? Or does this have something to do with Nina or Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez)? What if he’s planning to leave town again?

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