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Where Is Trina’s Dad? Réal Andrews Speaks Out on Returning to GH

Marcus Taggert still thinks of Trina has his daughter.

Réal Andrews came back to General Hospital not that long ago as Trina’s dad. The actor delivered arguably his most powerful scene ever when his character, Taggert, found out he actually wasn’t Trina’s biological pop. The question now is — are we going to see him again?

The Real Deal

Andrews earned Soap Hub‘s Performer of the Week honors for acting the heck out of scenes in which Taggert was told he wasn’t Trina’s father — biologically, that is. Wanting to protect the young woman he still thinks of as his own from any harm, Taggert made the choice to hide his true feelings about the devastating news. Once, he was alone in an elevator at General Hospital, the façade crumbled. Taggert collapsed both physically and emotionally.

réal andrews from general hospital.

Since then, he’s been mostly missing from the GH story canvas. Fans are asking when he’s coming back. The actor posted on Instagram a video of his reaction to the inquiries. “I appreciate your support,” Andrews said. He added that the very people who are asking about his return to GH are the ones who could make it happen.

“At this point, it’s really gonna be [up] to you guys and God, first and foremost. If God wants me back, I’ll be back,” he adds. “You guys have a very loud voice, especially in today’s day and age [of social media]. So between God and you all making a bunch of noise…”

Andrews, who went public with his battle against cancer a few years ago, remains philosophical about playing Taggert once more. After all, soaps are known to do multiple paternity tests before the true answer comes to light. “If it’s meant to be, I’ll be back, and if I’m back, I’ll bring it,” he promises. “You know, that’s what I do.”

Would you like to see Réal Andrews pop up again as Marcus Taggert? Sound off in the comments below.

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