Spencer And Nik Schemed To Play Keep-Away With Baby Ace

Nik has his son now…but was this the right GH call?

The General Hospital recap for Thursday, January 16, 2024, features Nikolas talking Spencer into a questionable plan to protect Ace from Esme.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Adam’s life was spared, but barely while Joss did all she could to advocate for him. Trina dropped the Paris bomb on Esme. Finn got a bit of good news about his case. And, Cyrus was happy to let Sonny off the hook now that he had a sweet deal in place. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Oh, Brother

Nikolas (Adam Huss) said all the things he could say to convince Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) to run away with him. But, it was a hard no. Spencer had a life here, and he had Trina (Tabyana Ali). He wasn’t about to leave her. Instead, he wanted Nik to stay, clear his name, and fight for Ace now that Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) was going to jail.

That plan went bust when Laura (Genie Francis) phoned with an update. Esme was not going to jail at all. This led to a conversation between the men about whether or not Esme remembered. Spencer did find it odd she called him “Spence.”

Nik, of course, used that to barter Spencer into letting him at least take the baby. It was too dangerous to let old Esme raise him. Spencer eventually agreed. Nik packed a bag while Spencer said goodbye to his brother. He then handed the baby to his father, threatened his dad that he best treat this kid right…or else, and watched them walk out the door.

Meanwhile, Esme and Trina were at the courthouse having it out. Esme was sure Trina was upset she only got a slap on the wrist — an accusation Trina brushed off. No, she thought it was fair, for this crime, at least. Besides, what does she care? She’s leaving for Paris soon, anyway.

Esme was thrilled to hear Trina was leaving the country. That is, until she found out Spencer was going with her. What about her? What about Ace? Trina assured her Spencer was still big on caring for his brother, however, he didn’t care about Esme or her feelings at all.

Esme all but cried and ran home to talk to Spence. It’s too bad she wasted all that time with Trina, though. By the time she got there, Nik and Ace were gone.

Near-Deadly Drama

Over at the hospital, Dex (Evan Hofer) was decked out in scrubs and made his way to Cyrus’s (Jeff Kober) room to do the deed. And, he almost did…until Sonny (Maurice Benard) knocked on the window and said no. Talk about an eleventh-hour save!

Sonny then went into the room where he and Cyrus had a little chat. Cyrus was happy to inform him he was off the hook. No charges would be laid. Or, at the very least, he was not going to testify. The cost? Well, that was a deal he worked out with someone else.

Sonny was floored. He was even more floored when he later found out the dealmaker was Nina (Cynthia Watros). Good news, right? Wrong. The only good news was she was still at the hospital so he could tell her off. Which he did. He told her to stay out of his business and stay away from him for good!

Later, he informed Dex they weren’t done with Cyrus. They are going to make him wish Dex killed him. Also later, Nina went in to see Cyrus and assured him once the charges were dropped, he could go ahead and spread the good word.

Teen Angst

Also at the hospital was Joss (Courtney Fulk). She rushed in to get an update on Adam (Joshua Benard) and stood outside his room watching Finn (Michael Easton) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) struggling to save his life.

Thankfully, Adam was spared. Joss got the good news shortly after Carly (Laura Wright) rushed to be by her side (thanks to a call from Willow). However, things went a bit sideways when Finn mentioned calling Adam’s parents. Joss balked. They were the reason Adam did this in the first place! Unfortunately, as next of kin, they had to call anyway.

Joss grabbed Adam’s guitar and headed to his room. She took his hand and promised to stay until he woke up. Soon after, Trina arrived to lend a shoulder for Joss.

Later, good news came Finn’s way. Liz informed him the person who treated Muldoon was in Port Charles and was willing to speak to him.

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