Thankful For Emmy Breakup,Chase Chrisley Dating Again

Chrisley Knows Best alums, Todd and Julie didn’t want Chase Chrisley to get engaged to Emmy Medders but he did, then they split, and now he’s dating again he feels good about their break-up. At one stage, he talked about becoming engaged but Julie claimed he was too young to marry. However, with prison looming for his parents it seemed that taking the engagement step at least gave them something positive to think about.

Chase Chrisley And Emmy Medders Break up

In Juy, USA Network fans started to suspect that something went wrong for the couple. Emmy disappeared from her fiance’s social media, a bad sign. Anyway, Todd’s son finally posted an official announcement that the couple had split. At the time, he didn’t say why the breakup happened. Some people thought that perhaps the negative publicity about her future parents-in-law being in prison was too much for Emmy. Mind you, the circumstances of the family seem daunting with their parents in prison for a combined sentence of 19 years.

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Chase Chrisley came under scrutiny after the split and some eagle-eyed fans checked out his social media. To their surprise, they discovered that he follows some accounts with some really NSFW adult content. Well, that seemed like a shocker because the family always banged on about their religion and God. So, they reasoned that Emmy found out and decided she should dump him.

Chase Chrisley

Extra TV did an interview with Todd’s son which you can watch further down in this article. There, he talked about how his parents feel so heartbroken because of their separation. He also mentioned that he and his sister Savannah will continue to fight poor conditions in prison. Actually, he really believes that his mom and dad only went to prison because of a vendetta. A new reality TV show will bring the impact on the family to fans who want to watch it. Next, he confirmed that he is dating again, and he’s “ready to go.” On Reddit, not many people had good things to say about that.

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Chase Chrisley also said, “Everything happens for a reason. God’s got a plan. And I think God heard conversations that I didn’t hear. He saw things I didn’t see and moved her on her way and I could not be more thankful.”

People didn’t like that he viewed Emmy’s departure as something to be grateful for. In fact, they dislike the way he seemed to “portray her in a bad light.” Additionally, he seems to think that he’s some kind “of victim.”

Comments Roll In About Dating Again & Emmy

Chase Chrisley seems to have rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way. One commenter wrote, “Sucks how quick he moved on and started dating; not that it’s bad, but maybe he shouldn’t have said that.”

Another negative comment read, “…of course, he is dating, that’s men shit — to get over someone get under someone. Typical.”

Mind you not everyone slammed Julie’s son. Some of them had issues with Emmy. A follower wrote, “I knew this would happen. Once the money train stopped meaning Chase had no income she was “poof”. She was a gold digger.”

What do you think of Chase Chrisley saying that he feels good about splitting from Emmy Medders? Are you surprised that he’s already dating again? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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