How Fans Really Feel About Dante Being Shot on General Hospital

Fans don’t want Dante to die.

Jason’s return this week on General Hospital came with an unexpected tragedy: Dante was shot! Apparently, Jason may be working in a sort of undercover capacity and goes by the name “Jacobs.” At least that’s the name his sniper sidekick called him. The one that ended up gunning down Dante in the chest. His bullets inexplicably pierced the detective’s bullet-proof vest. As a result, in the Tuesday, March 5 episode, Dante lay on the ground, bleeding from the mouth, unable to move. Will he be okay? He better be. Needless to say, this development has fans worried about Dante’s future.

Detective Dante Falconeri: #SaveDante

When Soap Hub hit the X/Formerly known as Twitter to find out what GH fans thought about this dramatic shooting, many fans worried about the detective. It turns out user @crimsonglass created a prayer circle for Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). Let’s hope it helps.

@sjcalways noticed how intense the action has gotten, and they let everyone know that #Sante AKA Sam (Kelly Monaco) + Dante, trended today, the mark of a popular couple that’s also supported.

X user @lealeamom drew some conclusions after listening to “that heavy conversation w/ Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) & Sam. I can definitely see Sam being stuck between Dante & Jason (Steve Burton, who returned to GH this week)… #GH” Apparently, she’s ready to grab some popcorn should that happen.

Elsewhere on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, user @tbsbob is serious about Dante not being dead, saying “#GH @GeneralHospital you better NOT kill off Dante. I’m just saying, I may be over this show if this happens”

Chase, Where Are You?

Meanwhile, others had some choice words for Dante’s partner Chase (Josh Swickard), who took his old, sweet time to get to Dante’s side. Where was he the whole time? In fact, @CasadoChan51947 was shocked and said “Damn Chase didn’t check on Dante. They are partners. Smh!#GH”

Thankfully @ChristnaHuffman asked the important questions like “Where did Chase disappear to that he hasn’t stumbled upon Dante? #GH”

Both @KathyRe0916 and @ScorpioRising58 felt Chase needed to be there for his partner the entire time. One asked “When is Chase gonna check on Dante??? #gh” And the other told Chase what to do saying, “All he gotta do is walk from one set to the other. Move it, Detective Chase. #GH”

All in all, everybody agreed. Dante needs to be okay. Listen to @TMZDeeDee.


Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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