Chrisley Knows Best : Chase Chrisley, Nanny Faye Dropping Serious Cash Gambling

Chrisley Knows Best fans loved seeing Chase Chrisley and Nanny Faye on TV and she loved gambling, but these days, they seem to drop some serious cash online. Now, some fans wonder if it might be the downfall of Todd Chrisley’s son because gambling can become an addiction.

Chase Chrisley & His Grandma Got Up To Mischief On TV

Chrisley Knows Best fans always enjoyed seeing Nanny Faye lead her grandson astray. Of course, much of the footage probably didn’t happen in real life. However, even though they suspected a lot of scripting, she amused viewers enough to often steal the show. Now that they gamble online, it seems that Todd’s mom’s love of gambling was true.

Chase Chrisley/Nanny Faye/Instagram
Chase Chrisley, Nanny Faye, Gamble On The Horses Instagram

Chase Chrisley seems determined to keep Nanny Faye occupied as Todd serves out his prison sentence for tax and fraud-related offenses. Often, they appear on TikTok together, and he also shares some stuff on Instagram. However, it now worries some people that Nanny Faye’s grandson is heading in the wrong direction in life.

Nanny Faye & Todd’s Son Gamble A Lot

On Reddit, fans who follow Chase noticed that he gambles online with Kirgo Casinos and he streams it via Kick. Often, he insists on doubling up his win, and then Nanny Faye argues about who gets to keep the winnings. While she’s having the time of her life given Todd’s circumstances, followers feel less sure that Chase should be dropping cash on the tables.

Chase Chrisley, Nanny Faye Gamble On Kirgo - Chase On TikTok
Chase Chrisley, Nanny Faye Gamble On Kirgo – Chase On TikTok

The OP started a discussion by saying,

Chase and Nanny gambling A LOT
Why are they playing online blackjack, $200-2k per hand in insta right now and like all the time?

In the comments, members of the community focused on Chase Chrisley, and they don’t think he’s heading for a great future:

  • 25 years from [now] Chase will be a washed up alcoholic awaiting his federal financial crimes trial. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree grandpa now daddy doing time.
  • I don’t think it will take 25 years
  • Yep! I believe this too! The “Crooks-leys”!
  • They really should change their name to that!
  • My belief is that the site they use might be a scam site. It’s a new insta, not great. Based on Lithuania…
  • They’re being paid to do so. Paid sponsorship.

Come join us tomorrow night at 7pm on kick!! Link in bio!! #comedy #fun #gambling

♬ original sound – Chase Chrisley

Of course, it is quite possible that they got some sponsorship because, in his TikTok posts, Chase often makes sure to mention the casino.

What are your thoughts about Chase Chrisley and Nanny Faye gambling online so much? Do you agree that it might be his downfall? Or, is he gambling as a sponsored player? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best news.



Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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