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Here’s Who Really Betrayed Sonny On General Hospital

A twist many years in the making is coming to GH.

There is a mole inside Sonny’s organization on General Hospital, and he believes he’s found the culprit…Dex. That means it’s probably not Dex, but who else would have something against the good, decent, noble, loving, giving, dimpled mobster that is Sonny Corinthos? Some degenerate, we bet. Someone low, petty, and, worst of all, unenlightened about the goodness, decency, nobility, love, generosity, and dimples of Sonny. Here’s who would betray the mobster.

Rival Road

Ava (Maura West) hated Sonny (Maurice Benard). Once. She’s gotten over it since then. After all, they share a child. And Sonny is keeping both Ava and Avery safe from whoever tried to kill him. What a prince! So we know Ava wouldn’t go after Sonny out of spite. But what if she’s doing it in order to bring down the Corinthos crime family — and reinstate the Jerome one? Of course, this is pretty far-fetched, and we don’t think Ava’s the mole.

Employee of the Month

Michael (Chad Duell) once hired Dex (Evan Hoffer) to bring down Sonny. Does anyone still remember that? Michael doesn’t still remember that. But what if Dex does? What if Dex is still diligently hard at work — when he isn’t in bed with Joss (Eden McCoy), that is? He could be the one setting Sonny up. Because he never leaves a job undone. Of course, that would be too obvious, especially since Sonny currently suspects him.

Side Piece

But the most logical person to be working against Sonny has got to be…Jason (Steve Burton). Isn’t he dead? Sure, that’s what people in Port Charles believe. But since we all know he’s on his way back as we speak, all the pieces fit, especially if the person directing Jason to turn his back on the man whom Jason worshipped for decades is Agent John Jagger (John Harrington).

Jagger is also back in Port Charles. And he’s a Fed. Jagger and Jason were total bros back in the day. So what if Jagger is the one who found Jason, rehabilitated him, and turned him into a weapon…against former boss Sonny? Do you think we’re on the right track here? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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