Jason Accidentally Broke Up Carly And Drew On General Hospital…Is Jarly Endgame?

Jason Accidentally Broke Up Carly And Drew On General Hospital…Is Jarly Endgame?

Jason has caused chaos since returning to Port Charles, including accidentally breaking up this General Hospital couple. Learn whose relationship ended on the March 13 episode and what it might mean for Jason and Carly’s friendship.

Crew Are Over

As soon as Drew (Cameron Mathison) learned of Jason’s (Steve Burton) return and Carly’s (Laura Wright) part in helping him, he turned hostile toward his girlfriend, arguing that Jason would always be her number one. Carly would never deny that but assured Drew that she loved him and wanted to be with him.

General Hospital's Carly and Drew Break-Up as They Both Know the Truth:  "You're Going to Put Jason First Every Time" - Michael Fairman TV

Drew has always been the more emotional twin and simply told Carly that now that his brother is back, he knows he can’t compete. Drew announced that they were done, the breakup leaving Carly surprised and Drew finding some unexpected comfort from a run-in with Jordan (Tanisha Harper) at Volonino’s.

Will Jarly Reunite?

Despite being best friends for the last three decades, when Jason was last in Port Charles, there was no denying the chemistry the two formed after marrying for the sake of Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) organization. It was on their wedding night in 2021 that they almost consummated their marriage just as Sonny returned from being missing, the first time the two had even thought about sleeping together since their fling on the night they met in 1996.

Although Jason was involved with Britt (Kelly Thiebaud, who recently weighed in on Burton’s return) before he was presumed dead in 2021, his return paired with Carly and Drew’s breakup leaves the door open for a romantic reunion for OG endgamers Jarly.

Should Carly be with Drew or Jason, or are you still rooting for CarSon? Let us know in the comments.

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