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GH’s Nikolas Finally Turns Himself In

How much jail time will Nikolas receive?

In the Monday, February 5 episode of General Hospital, Nikolas, once again, returned to Port Charles. With Ace in tow, he showed up at Laura’s door. Subsequently, his emotional conversation with his mother led to a huge life-changing decision — he turned himself in to the police.

Mourning Spencer

While Laura (Genie Francis) was shocked and relieved to see Nikolas (Adam Huss) and Ace (Jay and Joey Clay) at her door, those feelings lasted about a second. Because she and her son had a lot of things to say to each other. First and foremost, Laura confirmed Spencer’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) death and that Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) was responsible for sending him overboard.

The two shared their grief, but at the same time, Nikolas admitted how much of this whole situation was his fault. He felt his taking Ace away set this tragedy in motion as well as his poor choices as a person and as a father. Laura showed him comfort and understanding, but she was also firm, especially when she realized he was going to leave again.

She desperately tried to get him to stay and work on his redemption. She urged him to take accountability for holding Esme captive all those months when she was pregnant. At first, he kept up his stubbornness and refused to stay. He even thought of leaving Ace with Laura and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) and then taking off.

Nikolas’s Redemption: Step One

But Laura refused to give up — she tried to make him see that he deserved a have a place in Ace’s life, as well as a place with his family. He needed to do what he could to fix and atone for the damage that he’s done. And after all of that, maybe he could go back to the good man he once was.

Well, something connected with Nikolas this time around. First, maybe it was his need to correct the chaos he had caused. Second, he wanted to rid himself of the guilt he was feeling. And third, to live up to the faith Laura had in him (Huss talks about Nikolas and Spencer here). Soon, Laura called Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and asked him to get over to her place.

Then after Dante read him his rights, Nikolas said goodbye to Ace and left with Dante. So Nikolas Cassadine is a fugitive no more.

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