General Hospital: Finally HAPPENING? Lulu WAKING UP?

When it comes to dropping interest piquing teasers, General Hospital has mastered the skill! After the Thursday, July 27, 2023, episode, GH rolled out a preview that showed Dante at the hospital, telling someone that he misses them. Perhaps, while speaking to a patient. As soon as the scene hit the screens, social media fired up with speculations that Dante could have been speaking of, pace yourself, Lulu Spencer!

Time and again, this speculation has been revisited. After all, Genera Hospital fans really do miss Lulu on the soap. Besides, Laura could really use a win right now! Especially considering that she is out on a wild good chase looking for her son, Nik. So even if she ends up getting reunited with Lulu instead on Nik, it would still make her feel a lot better than she does right now! Moreover, Dante and Sam are going really steady in their relationships. And we all know that usually is a call for trouble!

General Hospital

Will Lulu Return To General Hospital And Create A Rift Between Dante and Sam?

What better way to shake their life up on General Hospital than bringing back Dante’s former wife and the mother of his child? But we wonder how likely that really is at this point! Considering the fact that most fans want Lulu back only if its most famous portrayer, Emme Rylan, reprises the role. Going by the actress’ socials, it seems like she is deeply engrossed in her personal life these days. Emme seems happy and content in her family life, spending time with her children. She also seems to be pursuing her hobby of crocheting. And we have to admit, she seems pretty darn amazing at it all!

So, if General Hospital indeed is planning to finally bring back Lulu, would Emme Rylan be up for it? It’s really tough to say, Especially since so much time has passed since she last portrayed the character. Moreover, there has been no news or even hints about her stepping back into the role. However, there always is the option to recast the role if Emme remains unavailable for it. Over the years, various soaps have recast various major roles and have seen success in it. So, you never know! But oif you had the choice, what would you choose? Emme Rylan as Lulu, or a recast? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates

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