General Hospital: CROSSOVER Season Takes Over Port Charles

Recently, General Hospital gave its viewers a wholesome treat by bringing back a Daytime fan fav character, Jack Montgomery (Walt Wiley) of All My Children, to the screen for a cameo. This trip down memory lane all the way to Pine Valley was quite well received by fans. Consequently, the internet started buzzing with conversations about more AMC characters crossing over to GH in the upcoming episodes.

While it really would be a splendid idea to get some of those veterans to General Hospital, but that wagon may have to wait. We say this mostly because it might actually be another soap’s turn to send over their characters to shake up Port Charles! And if you tuned into Ava and Austin’s conversation in the previous episodes, you may already know where this is headed! Ryan’s Hope! Austin explicitly told Ava that Mason wanted her to know about Ryan’s Bar. Ava immediately responded by saying that’s where her mother works.

General Hospital

Ryan’s Hope Lands In General Hospital

A following General Hospital episode hinted that Ava’s mother is on her way to Pautauk with a new man. Yup, Austin and Mason’s hometown, and perhaps where the boss lady functions from! Thus, it is safe to assume that we may soon see Ava’s mom, Delia, back on screen. Delia, played by Ilene Kristen, was an integral part of Ryan’s Hope for many, many years. She first appeared on GH in 2013 and was last seen in 2015 in a brief appearance. But that’s not all! The Ryan’s Hope crossover may not end with Delia!

Perhaps this time around, she will come to Port Charles with more characters in tow! Long-time fans may remember Delia had a son! He must be all grown up now! Maybe he will swoop into town to lend a helping hand to his mother and sis! And for all we know, he may add a romantic angle to one of the single ladies in PC! Or maybe he could be a mobster and clash with Sonny! After Victor’s departure, the town really lacks a formidable villain!

Some fresh characters with a new storyline could really add a breath of fresh air to Port Charles! Even if it’s laced with grenade smoke and gunfire! It’s been a while since GH played out a nice mob story! So what do you say? Are you on board with some fresh crossovers between Ryan’s Hope and GH? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.

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