Breaking News: Explosive Truth Revealed! Nanny Faye Exposes Kyle Chrisley’s Ex, Alexus Whilby Speaks Out

Chrisley Knows Best gained viewers’ attention in 2014 with their unique storyline. The show chronicled Todd and Julie Chrisely’s family. Moreover, Nanny Faye had been a part of the show since the very beginning. She earned respect and love from fans for her witty nature. The elderly cast member is also known as the savage grandma for many reasons. Fans love to see her on screens. But Todd and Julie’s prison sentence led to the show being on a hiatus. So, fans couldn’t find out much about their favorite celebrity on the show. Recently, Kyle Chrisley’s ex shocked everyone with a truth about the Chrisley grandma. What is it?

Chrisley Knows Best: Alexus Whilbey Shares The Real Truth Of Todd’s Mom!

Fans want to know about every detail of their favorite cast members from Chrisley Knows Best. Nanny Faye has become an inseparable part of the show since the beginning. However, she has been away from the limelight ever since the prison sentence of Todd and Julie. Recently, Kyle Chrisley’s ex Alexus Whilbey shared her experience with the Chrisleys in an interview. She appeared as a guest star on Dana Whilbey’s show. She spilled a lot of tea about the Chrisley family. Whilbey also admitted that the family cheated and duped her. Further, the host asked her to tell share her views about Nanny Faye.

Chrisley Knows Best

Surprisingly, Alexus had nothing but good things about the old lady. She admitted that the oldest cast member was a precious gem for the family. However, she still felt sad about her. According to Tvhowsace, Alexus thinks that Faye had a raw deal to be part of the family. Moreover, she claimed that Todd was so rotten because his mother always ignored the bad in her son. Nanny Faye from Chrisley Knows Best is a kind and loving person who always looked past her son’s mistakes. Further, she accused her of making Todd the way he has been.

Chrisley Knows Best: Where Is Nanny Faye Now After Todd Jail’s Prison Sentence?

Nanny Faye never disappoints her fans with her kind and sweet nature. They were afraid that Todd’s mother would break down after her son and daughter-in-law went to jail. But, has been quiet since the incident. Fans rarely see a glimpse of the old grandma on social media these days. But the TLC celeb attended Lindsie’s podcast recently. Further, she revealed that she was living with Lindsie

these days. The elderly cast member shared her thoughts on Todd and Julie’s court case during the podcast. Faye claimed that she was in a “dark place” after the incident.

However, Nanny Faye feels she is the backbone of the family. Further, she believes that soon there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. The star was a bit shaken after her son’s arrest. But she is very positive about justice. Do you think Todd and Julie will be out soon? Comment down your thoughts with us below. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for more updates on their Chrisley Knows Best stars.

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