NEWS UPDATES: Was Julie Chrisley Truly a Beauty Pageant Winner?”

Every once in a while, rumors about Julie Chrisley circulate regarding her alleged past as a beauty pageant contestant. Fans got online to discuss whether or not there was any truth to the rumors. So, did Julie Chrisley really compete (and win) a beauty pageant? Here is everything you need to know.

Todd & Julie Chrisley Are Close Friends With A Miss South Carolina

Reddit user posted about Julie Chrisley’s alleged beauty pageant winnings. They started the post, “This comes up every so often and although I’m no fan of fraudsters, in fairness to Julie Chrisley, she has never publicly stated that she was ever a pageant winner, much less a contestant.”

Julie Chrisley - YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best
YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best

In a lengthy post, they continued to break down why the rumors come up and what truth there is behind them if anything. The person pointed to a Radar Online article from 2014. The article altered details to make it sound like Julie’s mother was a former Miss South Carolina. That story was then picked up by several different media outlets, each one twisting the story a little bit more. Eventually, it was reported that Julie Chrisley herself was a beauty pageant winner.

There is some truth behind the story though. Todd and Julie Chrisley are fairly close friends with a former Miss South Carolina. Her name is Sherry Thrift Bradshaw and she is from Todd’s hometown. Bradshaw’s daughter, Collins, is also close friends with Savannah Chrisley. Collins has appeared a handful of times on Chrisley Knows Best. Her business was also featured on Todd’s social media and in an episode of the show.

What Stories Are Really True About The Chrisleys?

Outside of being friends with a former pageant winner, Savannah Chrisley was also a contestant in several pageants over the years. She even won the Miss Tennessee Teen USA pageant one year. During this time, Todd and Julie Chrisley also served as members of the pageant board of directors. They may have also been co-owners of a few organizations that were previously owned by Donald Trump. The Reddit user noted, “Whether it was a stunt for the show or another place to shelter financial assets, who knows?”

Todd and Julie Chrisley - YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best
YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best

The Chrisley fan continued, pointing out that this is far from the first time a story has been spun about the family. Specifically, they pointed out the way the federal cases against the couple have unfolded over the past few years.

“You had the Georgia Department of Revenue, then the Feds, then Julie, Todd, Savannah and Chase as one entity, then Kyle as another and also Lindsie as yet another,” the person wrote. “The only side left to hear from? The Braddocks. Doubtful that will ever happen.”

So, when it comes down to it, Julie Chrisley never likely held a pageant crown, but there are probably other stories that have been twisted about her out there too.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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