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BREAKING NEWS: The end for the love of the couple Chase Chrisley and Emmy !!

Has Chase Chrisley left his future bride Emmy Medders broken by betrayal? As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, rumors are currently swirling that Chase Chrisley not only stepped out on Emmy Medders but that he ended up getting another girl pregnant. These rumors have added fuel to the previous rumors that the lovebirds called off their relationship and were no longer together.

Chrisley Knows Best fans are heartbroken for Emmy Medders as they’ve always believed she looked like a young version of Julie Chrisley. Likewise, a lot of fans thought Emmy was just very good for Chase in a lot of ways. So, this relationship coming to an end is a hard pill for fans to swallow.

Emmy Medders Puckers Up In Selfie [Source: Emmy Medders - Instagram]

Has Chase Chrisley left Emmy Medders broken?

Chrisley Knows Best fans took notice of Emmy Medders’ sparkle not being nearly as bright in her last few Instagram post. Her most recent post featured her leaning hard into the color red which some speculated could have some symbolic meaning about her feeling scorned by Chase Chrisley. Likewise, fans noted that she isn’t flashing her pearly whites in her usual glowing smile in her most recent Instagram post.

In an older post from July 8th, Emmy Medders was covering a lot of her face with large sunglasses as she didn’t have much of a smile at all in the first of the three photos she shared.


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Would this break-up be good for her?

Now, on Reddit, there are a lot of fans who support Chase and Emmy breaking up. These fans, who also thought Emmy looked like a young Julie, aren’t huge fans of Chase. They see him as a player and don’t think he’s really husband material. Unfortunately for Chase and Emmy, a lot of fans were not rooting for them as a couple simply because they thought she was too good for him and she could do a lot better.

I might know why Chase and Emmy broke up…
by u/Diesel20177 in ChrisleyKnowsBest

The situation going on with his parents behind bars mixed with diving back into reality TV is also pretty messy. And, some fans think Emmy Medders would just be better off not complicating herself with the Chrisley family.

To date, it is worth mentioning that they have not scrubbed their profiles completely of all photos and tributes. Likewise, neither Emmy nor Chase has officially declared they are not single. Though some believe Chase came pretty close to doing so in a post he later deleted. So, these two being split up and there possibly being a pregnant mistress on the side are just fan theories and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Regardless of what is or isn’t true, fans do believe something has happened between Chase and Emmy. And, they hope to get answers one day.



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