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GH Spoilers: Pikeman Takes Priority for Anna and Brennan

Anna wants answers from Brennan and she wants them now.

You might want to lower the volume when you watch the Friday, April 5 episode of General Hospital. Spoilers focus on emotional intensity especially in the form of anger, arguing, and chewing out. That’s what happens when people are in crisis mode.

Interrogation Station

Anna’s (Finola Hughes) voice is bound to be raised since she’s dealing with Jack Brennan (Charles Mesure). The former WSB director has fallen on hard times, although you wouldn’t know it from the smirk he always has on his face. Anyway, he’s behind bars, and Anna arrives to face him once again. (Michael Easton’s new to Instagram — get the details here)

Their topic of discussion is Pikeman. She knows he knows WAY more than he’s saying. And she knows all evil roads lead back to. the evil organization. Will Brennan pony up information like who’s running Pikeman now?

Disagreements Rule

Drew (Cameron Mathison — who has a new gig) must discover Agent Cates’s (Adam J. Harrington) role in Jason’s (Steve Burton) disappearance for 2 1/2 years. Even though Aurora’s head has been repeatedly told to let go of his anger, he leads with that emotion when the two confront each other. Look for him to chew out John. Question: Does Jagger get sick of every Port Charles resident taking their turn to yell at him? Did this happen back in the day?

More anger, no waiting. It’s Kristina (Kate Mansi) and Joss’s turn to argue. Kristina (whose relationship with Blaze is turbulent) probably defends her dad while Joss continues to rail against her former stepfather. Joss (Eden McCoy) will most certainly gloat that Jason didn’t shoot Dante after all. Why the uptick in this rivalry? Will it lead anywhere?

Wedding and Parental Worry

Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Danny (Asher Antonyzyn) are a mother and son in conflict. He wants to see Jason, but she doesn’t want him to because Jason asked him to keep a huge secret from her. What this all boils down to is Sam’s worried about Danny. What’s her maternal spidey sense telling her to do?

Finally, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton), and Chase (Josh Swickard) are focused on making their wedding happen. All these tasks ahead of them are daunting, but they’re checking things off the to-do list left and right. Thankfully, Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer) is around to help her daughter with her wedding dress crisis. Will they be able to solve this problem sooner rather than later?

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