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“Savannah Chrisley’s Explosive Outburst Regarding Chloe’s Role within the Family Sends Shockwaves”

Savannah Chrisley came unhinged in an epic rant on Instagram after her sister Chloe made headlines. What exactly did Chloe make headlines for? And, why did Savannah go on this epic rant? Keep reading for the details of what happened.

Sister Or Niece, Granddaughter Or Daughter?

Chloe Chrisley has always been a controversial topic among Chrisley Knows Best fans. More specifically, Todd and Julie have always caught heat for allowing their granddaughter to refer to them as her mother and father. Likewise, fans argue Chloe is Savannah’s niece and not her sister. Just two weeks ago, Savannah caught heat for a video she uploaded about her “little sister.”

Todd Chrisley has always popped off at fans explaining that Chloe was allowed to identify her family members in whatever way she felt comfortable. He insists they never forced specific labels onto her. Moreover, Todd and Julie are the only parents Chloe has ever known as they’ve cared for her since she was very small.

With Todd and Julie Chrisley landing behind bars, it was also finally confirmed that the couple did go through the motion of adopting Chloe. So, legally, she is their daughter. And, legally, she is Savannah’s sister.

That, however, still doesn’t stop many fans from referring to Kyle Chrisley as her true father and refusing to look past it.

Savannah Chrisley Epic Rant on Instagram

Savannah Chrisley Goes On Rant Over Chloe’s Place In Family

With Chloe Chrisley’s return to school, she made headlines recently. Media outlets, however, referred to her as Savannah’s “niece” in both the headlines and the taglines. Savannah shared screenshots of the stories and proceeded to go on an epic rant.

The reality TV star admits she understands why the dynamics of her family might be confusing. But, she really needs people to stop calling Chloe her niece because Chloe is her sister.

Chrisley Knows Best - Savannah Chrisley - Chloe Chrisley

“We have always allowed Chloe to call us whatever it was that she felt comfortable in calling us. Her therapist has worked through this with her at lengths.” Savannah explained.

“If she saw me as her niece… GREAT! If she saw me as her friend… GREAT! But she sees me as her SISTER just like she sees my parents as her parents! For her that IS MOM AND DAD! All families look different…”

She added that giving birth to a child doesn’t necessarily make a person the permanent parent of the child.

“Family is what we make it,” she said as she concluded her rant.

Only time will tell if Savannah’s latest rant will change how fans feel about Chloe’s place in her family.

Do you understand why Savannah got frustrated with media outlets referring to Chloe as her niece? Why do you think some media outlets and fans refuse to recognize Chloe as her sister? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.



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