We’ve Got A New Jason And AJ On General Hospital

These two are like Jason and AJ mini me’s.

There’s a new generation of kids growing up on General Hospital, but two in particular look like mini me’s of two GH legends and it’s only a matter of time before history repeats itself.

Like Father, Like Son

Since Jake (Hudson West) has been seen on the canvas more regularly, it’s uncanny how similar he’s becoming to his dad, Jason (Steve Burton). Although he’s smart and sweet like Jason Quartermaine, he’s also got an edge to him like the Jason we know now.

Jake’s even got the cool-guy walk and stonecold facial expression down. All he needs now is a leather jacket and a bike (like he did when he was a toddler) and he’ll be worrying Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) in no time.

Like Uncle, Like Nephew?

As for Danny (Asher Antonyzyn), despite being Jason’s son and raised by Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), he’s ridiculously similar to his uncle, AJ (Sean Kanan).

He’s already demonstrated out-of-control behavior and an interest in drinking. Chalk it up to teenage angst if you will, but Danny’s got all the ingredients for an AJ in the making.

Quartermaines: The Next Generation

The March 27, 2024 episode of GH really showcased the start of history repeating itself with Jake and Danny. Arguing over their dad by the Quartermaine boathouse, it didn’t take long for Danny to escalate things by punching Jake.

Jake fought back and eventually pushed Danny down to the ground, and that was when he made a very Jason-like move by simply walking away.

This scene was reminiscent of the fights Jason and AJ would often get into as teenagers and young adults at the Quartermaine mansion. It was AJ’s recklessness that caused Jason’s brain damage, and it’s not a stretch to think Danny’s recklessness could wind up harming Jake.

Is GH repeating history with Jake and Danny? Let us know in the comments.

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