NEW UPDATES: Todd Chrisley Breaks Silence On Instagram From Behind Bars

After seven months, Todd Chrisley has broken his silence via his Instagram account from behind bars. His 2.3M followers were more than a little surprised when they received not one but three notifications that the disgraced reality TV star’s Instagram account was active. Turns out, someone had posted three different photos on his Instagram Stories today. What did those posts say? Scroll down to check them out.

Todd Chrisley Breaks Silence On Instagram From Behind Bars

In a shocking new Chrisley Knows Best update, Todd Chrisley has surfaced on Instagram. His Instagram profile posted three different Instagram Stories today. All three posts were connected. They were a transparent update on their current legal situation. The post noted it was a look at the case. And, it ripped the prosecution as being “tainted.” Each of the posts included a link to a website called “Chrisley Defense.”

The website included all of the links to the court documents and encouraged Chrisley Knows Best fans to check out the documents and get the truth behind the trial. Some of the text on the website was a bit ominous as it warned what has happened to the Chrisley family could happen to anyone. And, that was why the family decided to be so vocal about the fact that the prosecution was tainted and that they did not get a fair trial.

Savannah Chrisley posted on Todd's Instagram Stories

The website warns: “In this case, the state of Georgia conducted an investigation into the behavior and the actions of the investigators and prosecutors and found tremendous errors and multiple violations of the Chrisley’s constitutional rights. We must all realize that this could happen to any of us. Anyone can become a victim of this behavior. Why should you care about this case? Because it could happen to you!”

The Day They Last Spoke

The third update to Todd’s Instagram Stories included a collage of photos of himself and his beautiful wife Julie. The post had a caption attached to it revealing it had been 195 days since the last time “my parents spoke.” The third post confirmed it was not Todd Chrisley but one of his children updating his social media on his behalf.

Savannah Chrisley posted on Todd's Instagram Stories

Now, as fans who follow Savannah Chrisley know she has openly admitted that she manages both Todd and Julie’s Instagram profiles. Savannah fessed up to the fact that it was she who made the decision to limit her parents’ Instagram comments when things got heated with the trial. With this information, fans can only assume it was Savannah who set up the website and Savannah who posted it on Todd Chrisley’s Instagram account.

Savannah Chrisley posted on Todd's Instagram Stories

Were you surprised to see Todd Chrisley’s account active after seven months of silence? Does it surprise you to know that one of his children has access to his social media profiles? Do you think Savannah had to get his permission to post something on his profile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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