Reap What You Sow: DAYS’ Rachel Turns On Kristen DiMera

Will Kristen DiMera feel her daughter’s wrath?

Kristen DiMera is so proud of herself on Days of our Lives. Not only did she manage to convince her precious Rachel that Chloe Lane was a terrible person and, as long as Brady kept dating her, Rachel would never, ever forgive her daddy, but she also got the kid to turn on her father, call the cops on Brady, and end up back in Mommy’s custody. What a good girl. What a smart girl. What a Mama’s girl. But what happens when Rachel starts employing what she learned from Kristen…back on Kristen.

Cookies and Milk

Kristen (Stacey Haiduk) taught Rachel (Finley Rose Slater) delightful table manners like throwing food. She taught her to shriek and whine when she doesn’t get what she wants immediately when she wants it. So will Kristen be surprised if Rachel decides to fling her pasta at Mom when it’s spaghetti and vermicelli as she demanded? What about the screams that will flow through the DiMera mansion when Kristen sets a bedtime for her darling angel? Or, horror of horrors, send her to school. She might even make her do homework! How will Rachel respond then?

Kristen DiMera: Love Connection

Kristen got Rachel to rage against Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) by telling her the simpering songstress was all that was keeping Rachel’s mommy and daddy from reuniting. But, guess what? Chloe is long out of the picture – and Brady (Eric Marstolf) still hasn’t gone running into Kristen’s arms. Sure, Kristen can keep on blaming Brady in front of Rachel. But what happens when a new man enters Kristen’s life? Yes, that may be hard to imagine now. But this is the woman who has, at times, enchanted Tony (Thaao Penghlis), John (Drake Hogestyn), and Eric (Greg Vaughan), among others. She has her charms.

How long until Rachel is calling the cops to report that her mom has committed – oh, pick a crime, any crime – as publishment for still not delivering the intact family Kristen once promised?


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