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Back in September, Savannah Chrisley went online to slam rumors that Julie Chrisley was threatening a divorce from Todd Chrisley.

“It’s been awesome, but while I was doing my last interview, I was notified that the—and I don’t even want to give these people the time of day—but I was notified that the National Inquire was going to be running a story on—or about Julie Chrisley hiring counsel to file for divorce,” the reality star said on her Instagram story.

“That is a lie,” Savannah stated, noting, “And the only reason I’m speaking about the National [Enquirer] is because frankly you should be held accountable for all of your lies.”

Savannah explained that if her mother did hire counsel for a divorce, it would have “gone through” her first.

“So, that whole story is a lie,” she noted.

Evidently, Julie is still sad to be away from her husband as they serve their sentences separately.

“I just sat with my mother at visitation this weekend and she cried about how much she missed my father,” detailed the reality star.

Savannah then warned, “So for the people that are giving these outlets false stories, karma’s a b**ch and it’s going to come and bite you.”

Confirming Savannah’s rant, Todd and Julie are doing just great despite their distance from each other. According to the couple’s attorney Jay Surgent, they are stronger than ever and nowhere near filing for divorce.


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“I can assure you that in no way are Todd and Julie moving toward divorce. In fact, I can confirm that Julie is more in love with Todd today than ever,” Jay told Radar Online.

He noted that all of their obstacles have only made them stronger.

“Tragedy and pain, suffering and hardship, have a way of binding people together in ways that triumph and victory are unable to achieve. There is something about experiencing painful and difficult times together that just has a way of forging a bond that is unbreakable,” the attorney added.


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According to Jay, Julie is very worried for Todd and his well-being.

“Julie desperately misses Todd. She makes statements like she wishes she could just be there to make sure he is eating or wishes she could just check on him and make sure he is okay,” he said.

As for Todd, he feels the exact same way. Everytime Jay gets on a call with Todd, the reality star immediately asks about his wife’s welfare, Radar reported.


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Luckily for the family, the Chrisley’s will be able to reunite quicker than expected.

Todd was originally sentenced for 12 years while Julie was set to face seven years.

Official prison records obtained by the outlet state that the reality stars will each have more than a year shaved off of their sentencing.


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Todd’s release from his respective prison in Pensacola will now happen on January 22, 2033, Page Six reported.

Julie is set to be let go from the Federal Medical Center Lexington on October 19, 2028.

Jay recently expressed that he believes there were “several serious and critical errors in this case” and they would “without a doubt” get out of prison early.


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“The Georgia office of Inspector General released a report regarding this case. Within this report there are details in which they uncovered significant issues with this case that were occurring from the very beginning of this process including alleged abuse of power and actions by the prosecutors and investigators within the Georgia Department of Revenue,” Jay said in a press release.

The attorney also claimed that this was an attempt to target the Chrisley’s because of their fame.

“These tainted and unjust actions that began at the state level continued as they were persecuted by the federal authorities,” he noted, “ultimately preventing the Chrisley’s from receiving a fair and just trial.”


Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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