“Outraged Fans React to Savannah & Chase Chrisley’s Recent Deception”

Chrisley Knows Best fans are appalled over Savannah and Chase’s recent deceit. What exactly do fans think the Chrisley siblings lied about? Keep reading for the scoop.

Fans Appalled Over Savannah & Chase Chrisley’s Recent Deceit

About a month ago, Savannah Chrisley uploaded an episode of her podcast titled “The Chrisley Sibling Update.” With that title, fans expected updates on Chase, Chloe, and Grayson. Unfortunately, that is not what listeners received.

Just yesterday, a fan of the reality TV family took to Reddit to discuss this particular episode of her podcast. The OP of the thread called Savannah and Chase out for misleading everyone with the headline as it had nothing to do with an update on Savannah’s siblings.

The OP complained: “This had nothing to do with sibling updates, all they talked about were documents being taken from the warehouse and ‘the government broke the law’ and their parents’ criminal history.”

In one of the top comments on the thread, one individual admitted they were not looking forward to the series if lies and deceit were what they could expect.

Savannah Chrisley - YouTube

Are They Dellusional About Their Parents’ Situation?

Shifting gears a bit, fans admit what really frustrates them is Savannah and Chase continuing to insist their parents are innocent. Fans argue there is a mountain of evidence against the Chrisley family. And, the family is just bitter. Bitter the government found paperwork they were hiding in the warehouse.

Fans Criticize Savannah And Chase Chrisley

As a whole, fans were all over the place in the Reddit thread. Here’s some of what other fans had to say regarding their feelings about the Chrisley family right now:

“If I was Savannah & Chase I would be keeping my mouth closed and lying low because they find out you lied on the stand & there could be something in all those documents that might not look good then”
“Savannah is an idiot. The DOR and feds acted within their power to seize what they did. She doesn’t get the big picture and her focus on this detail is ridiculous”
“Lol..the ‘sibling update’ was a trick. Clickbait. More deceit..in an attempt to brainwash people.”
Overall, the consensus among the chatter on Reddit was that the name of the podcast was misleading. They wanted updates on Chloe and Grayson.

Furthermore, they were sick of the family’s lies. Below is the video of the podcast Chrisley Knows Best fans are venting about:

And, here is the Reddit thread where fans are crucifying Savannah for click-baiting them with a misleading headline:

Sibling update podcast
by u/whatwouldjbdo in ChrisleyKnowsPrison

Do you agree that the name of the podcast was a bit misleading? Did Savannah and Chase Chrisley lie? Moreover, do you agree with fan chatter that the family is a bit delusional in thinking Todd and Julie might get out on an appeal?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comments. And, keep coming back for more updates on the Chrisley family.



Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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