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NEWS UPDATES : Todd & Julie Chrisley Unveil New Legal Team – What’s the Next Step?

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, a new legal team entered the game for Todd and Julie Chrisley. It was their children Savannah and Chase Chrisley who first shared this information with fans via Savannah’s podcast.

Todd and Julie’s new lawyer has spoken out on a few different occasions to various media outlets about what’s currently going on. The biggest question Chrisley Knows Best fans have, however, is simple: What is the first/next step this new legal team plans to take to appeal the Chrisleys’ current situation?

Fortunately, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s new attorney Jay Surgent of Weiner Law Group sat down with ET and publicized the next step the team plans to take.

Todd and Julie Chrisley via YouTube 1

Todd & Julie Chrisley New Legal Team: Next Step Revealed

During the interview with ET, Jay Surgent of Weiner Law Group explains the first step is to improve the current living situation for Todd and Julie. As Savannah and Chase previously shared, Todd and Julie are currently living in questionable living conditions.

The Chrisley siblings report Julie Chrisley must concern herself with poisonous snakes while she is in her cell. Likewise, Savannah and Chase share that the prison staff utilizes mace to neutralize the snake problem.

Moreover, Savannah and Chase Chrisley share neither Todd nor Julie Chrisley’s facilities have the AC turned on. Both of their children point out that they are both living in states where temperatures reach the triple digits during the summer months. So, their parents live in fear of suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke inside the place they currently call home.

Todd Chrisley in bed [YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best]

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Todd Chrisley’s lawyer also took to the press. He took to the press to reveal the reality TV star has been violated. Violated while he was sleeping behind bars. The lawyer alleges photos are being taken of Todd while he sleeps. Moreover, the layer also claims Todd believes some of his mail is being destroyed and withheld from him for no reason. Presently, Todd Chrisley and his lawyer are in the middle of a fight for home confinement citing that his celebrity status puts him in danger behind bars.
While speaking to ET, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s lawyer clarifies that they to improve the living conditions for all inmates, not just themselves. Jay Surgent adds there are plenty of prison facilities with surprisingly decent living conditions. So, he argues this is a problem that can be fixed.

Todd Chrisley/YouTube

Savannah And Chase Address Real Problem

During her podcast, Savannah and Chase shared the real reason the living condition goes unfixed despite being public knowledge. Per Todd and Julie’s children, the facilities receive an alert. An alert when someone plans to come to the facility for an inspection.

So, the facility has time to hide things and slap temporary fixes on problems to pass the inspection. Savannah and Chase Chrisley point out that unscheduled inspections and surprise inspections need to happen to really fix the problem.

Chase, Savannah Chrisley humble YouTube

Does the next step for Todd and Julie’s new legal team surprise you? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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