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GH’s Spencer Is Presumed Dead — What Will Trina Do Now?

Trina’s life will never be the same.

In the Thursday, February 1 episode of General Hospital, Trina dealt with the fallout of a tragedy. The presumed death of her boyfriend, Spencer Cassadine, instantly turned her world upside-down. He saved her life one second and was lost in the depths of the River Seine the next. What’s she to do now that she’s facing a world without the love of her young life?

#1 The Grief Starts, the Acceptance Doesn’t

The problem with Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) being presumed dead, is that pesky “presumed” word. French police haven’t found a body, so from here on out, Trina (Tabyana Ali) will wonder if Spencer is somewhere lost and injured and looking for a way to get back to his life.

At the same time, she’s grieving the moments she and Spencer will never have. In Paris, they were supposed to explore the romantic city, spend days at the art galleries and museums, and the nights at fancy restaurants. The grief will be heavy, but the acceptance will be non-existent. For now, there will always be a glimmer of hope that Spencer will come back to her. To think of anything more permanent will be impossible. Denial will be her friend.

#2 She goes back to Port Charles, Where She’ll Be Supported

In her heart, she’ll want to stay in Paris and search for Spencer. But with her parents and Laura (Genie Francis) there on the boat, she’ll go through the motions and accompany them on the plane back to Port Charles. In PC, she’ll have the support of her friends and family like Joss (Eden McCoy) and Stella (Vernee Watson), but it won’t be the same without Spencer. Who knows if she’ll even accept their support right away.

#3 A Memorial Service for Spencer

Even though plenty of Cassadines have been presumed dead and suddenly returned — like Spencer’s dad, Nikolas (Adam Huss) — a memorial service could take place. In this case, Trina will have to muster up the strength to say goodbye. She’ll also have to draw on the strength from everybody around her to get through it.

#4 Her Future May Change

Trina’s future is suddenly fluid. Instead of attending the Sorbonne in Paris for the semester, she’s home and may not necessarily want to go back to college. Will she take the semester off? Drop out of college altogether? Or tell everybody she’s fine, but secretly search for any sign of Spencer?

#5 Her New Outlook: Revenge

Trina Robinson is a college student who is sweet, soulful, goal-oriented, and decidedly determined when she wants to be. She takes care of herself and other people as much as she can. However, when a tragedy suddenly blindsides you, your goals and even your demeanor can drastically change.

If Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) makes it back to Port Charles with or without Ace (Jay and Joey Clay), Trina could very well want to get her revenge on in a big way. Esme terrorized her and now is responsible for her person going overboard on a Parisian boat. She’s got a great head on her shoulders, but would anyone blame her if she wanted some payback?

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