GH Preview : Dante Betrays Anna?! [Spoiler]’s Return Will Change Everything!

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of May 6- 10, Brennan is the man with all the answers. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

General Hospital Recap: Dante Knows Charlotte Burned Down Anna's House

After conferring with Jason, Anna realized Valentin had been in bed with Pikeman much deeper than he claimed. Anna believes if she plays it right, ex-WSB head Brennan can lead them to whoever is in charge of Pikeman. Of course, she’s right, but would Jack tattle on Valentin? She produces a box labeled with his name to dig through for information.

Dante places his badge on Anna’s desk and tells her, “This is my resignation.” Last week, Dante vented to Sam that he couldn’t be a good son and a good cop at the same time, and he’d been looking the other way regarding his father’s crimes. But will Anna accept his resignation?

John drops by the warehouse to speak to Jason about Pikeman. John’s already upset that Jason hasn’t been getting anywhere with their investigation. However, he seems unaware that Carly is present and listening in. So what does Carly do? We don’t even have to let you guess!

Jack Brennan GH

Carly does what she always does… she jumps at the chance to help Jason. Plus, he gave her the Metro Court back, so she owes him. Carly decides to pay a visit to her old flirtatious friend Brennan in Pentonville. Of course, both she and Brennan are all smiles at seeing one another again.

Read the General Hospital spoilers to find out who Sonny pays a visit to and what Natalia’s plotting.

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