Chrisley Knows Best: Lindsie Chrisley’s Willingness to Privately Resolve Issues with Savannah

The Chrisley sisters have been feuding for quite some time now. The sibling fight started back in November 2022, when Todd and Julie were charged with fraud and tax evasion. And blew to an all-time high in January 2023 when the lead Chrisley Knows Best pair was imprisoned.

Lindsie and Savannah have both been on the show and are now living their adult lives in public. The rift between them has also turned into a public tension and fight, and both sisters have things to say to and about each other.

Chrisley Knows Best: Lindsie Chrisley Took Responsibility In Hope Of Solving The Matter

The former Miss Tennessee Teen USA, Savannah Chrisley, had shared her thoughts on the feud with People. She said that she is done with her half sister’s “victim mentality.” Well now, Lindsie also has some things to say.

In her October 18 episode of ‘The Southern Tea’ podcast, Lindsie said that she took responsibility for the fight. Her reason behind this decision was to be able to reconcile privately with her younger sister, and the co-star of Chrisley Knows Best, Savannah Chrisley.

This decision, however, didn’t have the desired outcome as Savannah does not exactly see any kind of reconciliation possible in the future between the sisters. She also confirmed that things between the siblings were “not fine.”

Lindsie had said that she took the blame publicly. But she won’t be continuing “to engage in unhealthy behaviors that have been displayed publicly.” She had also added that she didn’t care if the reasons for the said behavior were “entertainment attention, whatever.”

There were various points of contention between the Chrisley Knows Best sisters. It also included Lindsie’s involvement in Todd and Julie’s arrest. It was believed that their eldest daughter had testified against Todd in the court. However, this was later proved false.

Chrisley Knows Best: Tensions Between Lindsie & Savannah Are At An All-Time High

While sibling rivalries are very common in families, Savannah and Lindsie Chrisley have given them their own dramatic flair. The Chrisley Knows Best elder sister duo has been fighting about various issues.

Lindsie, the daughter of Todd Chrisley and his ex-wife Teressa Terry, had always felt like she was sidelined, even on the show. This was further reinforced by the fact that only one part of her parental unit was on the show. Whereas, Savannah Chrisley got the better end of the deal.

However, the tensions between the sisters started to really brew when people, including Savannah, believed that Lindsie had testified against Todd and Julie. The truth was that she had actually testified in favor of the couple. She even took back the claim that her father, Todd Chrisley, blackmailed her with an alleged sex tape of her and her ex-boyfriend Robby Hayes.

Chrisley knows best

Savannah had also said that both Lindsie and her brother Kyle Chrisley had never treated her mother as their own. But, according to her, Julie treated them as her own children. She also said that Lindsie was also “heavily involved” in her parents’ trial, supporting the government.

Adding to the flames was the statement by the eldest daughter saying that Savannah should not compare their griefs. Lindsie also stressed the fact that Savannah wouldn’t understand her. This is because she did not grow up with divorced parents in a toxic environment.

Safe to say that the Chrisley Knows Best sister feud is not ending anytime soon. Find the latest updates on their fights on TV Season & Spoilers.

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