“Luke Grimes Drops Heartbreaking News for Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Fans”

Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton on the hit Paramount series Yellowstone, recently gave fans an update on part 2 of season 5. His comments are likely to disappoint viewers eagerly awaiting the next episodes.

In an interview on November 14th, Grimes admitted he still has no idea when new episodes will air. He crushing revealed, “I don’t know anything about when it’s gonna be released.”

No Release Date Despite Wrapping Filming in August

For Yellowstone fans, this latest remark from Grimes is disheartening. It confirms that even the show’s stars are being kept in the dark on plans for part 2.

Production on the back half of season 5 finished filming in Montana in August 2022. Now over 3 months later, Paramount has yet to announce a return date, leaving cast members like Grimes clueless.

The network’s silence has frustrated viewers, who have been theorizing on social media about possible reasons for the delay. Some believe issues in post-production or lack of a suitable air date are to blame.

Grimes Offers Explanation for Secrecy

While promoting his new movie Elsewhere, Grimes did provide some insight into why the release date is being kept tightly under wraps. According to the actor, show creator Taylor Sheridan prefers to announce the news himself on his own terms.

“Taylor’s got a plan for everything. And he keeps us in the dark until the very last minute, because…he likes to give us the news himself.” Grimes explained.

So it seems answers won’t arrive until Sheridan is ready. But Grimes’ comments indicate that even major stars aren’t immune to being left hanging by the showrunner.

Fans Anxious for Resolution

With Grimes’ revelation that he has zero information, Yellowstone viewers will have to hang on even longer. Speculation and theories will continue swirling online until Sheridan finally unveils his plan.

Devoted fans are beyond ready for resolutions to that huge cliffhanger finale. But it looks like they’ll have to settle in, as the waiting game is set to continue based on Grimes’ recent remarks.

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