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Will Esme Prince Be Separated from Ace This Long on GH?

Will Spencer fix his GH mistake?

Esme Prince has done many, many terrible things on General Hospital. She did them to Trina, she did them to Joss, she did them to Cam, she did them to Ava and to Spencer and to Nik. But, guess what? She never did anything terrible to her little boy, Ace. Esme is an awful person. But she is not an awful mother. Rather, what Spencer did — handing Ace over to Nikolas, who Spencer personally knows is an awful father — was the truly awful thing. How long will mother and son be forced to be separated?

Hide in Plain Sight

Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) better get used to not laying eyes on her precious baby Ace until he’s ready for high school (so, maybe five or six years from now). Nikolas (Adam Huss) is really, really good at hiding. If Laura (Genie Francis) couldn’t track him down during her jaunt to Eastern Europe, then Esme will have no luck when it comes to her own son.

Do the Right Thing

On the other hand, Laura is no Esme. Laura still believes in doing the right thing whenever possible. Esme…not so much. Also, yes, Laura loves her son. But Nik is a grown man. Ace is still a baby. He needs his mommy. And his mommy needs him. Esme will scorch the Earth until they are reunited. And she will make Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) so miserable that he’ll be leading the charge to get Ace back for her. And make up for what may turn out to be his greatest mistake.

Take Your Time

Do you remember how single-minded Esme was when she was being manipulated by Ryan (Jon Lindstrom)? Then, she was doing it for him. Now, it’s for her. Which means Esme will be even more single-minded — and even more brutal. Ace will be home before he starts kindergarten. (So, in a couple of weeks?)

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