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General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of July 17-29, 2023: Anna Puts Her Life On The Line, Nina and Willow Connect

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of July 17-29, 2023, reveal that Sasha’s troubles are far from over, as she faces a new setback this week. Meanwhile, Molly will have a lot to contemplate with Kristina’s offer on the table. Later in the week of July 24-29, 2023, Carly will tell Joss her decision to sell the house and move into a smaller place. Could Maxie become the new buyer? She seems to be on a house hunt in the upcoming episodes! Speaking about hunts, Laura and Valentin will be in Chechnya in Nikolas’ search. Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out what more awaits you in the upcoming weeks!

General Hospital Spoilers For July 17-21, 2023: Ned Reconnects With Leo, Anna Takes A Risky Decision

Ever since Ned lost his memory, he has been walking around believing he is Eddie Maine. This has caused him to reject his life as Ned Quartermaine on General Hospital. While this has become a huge matter of concern for the Quartermaine family, the worst hit seems to be little Leo. He is really acting out because he is missing his dad! In the week of July 17-21, Chase will manage to convince “Eddie” to spend some time with Leo as Ned. This may even end up making him realize that he did have a good life as Ned! But will that be enough to jog his memory? Stay tuned to find out!

General Hospital

Across town, Anna will decide to make herself a living bait in an attempt to lure out the real person responsible for the Metro Court shoot-out. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Dante will offer his full support to Anna in her mission. The two will set out to lay a trap for the perpetrator. But will they really manage to trap him/ her? Or will they get out-smarted by the mastermind behind the criminal activity? Find out the answer in the upcoming episodes!

Sasha Faces Yet Another Setback, Esme Is Determined To Find Answers

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 17-21, 2023, reveal that Sasha will face a new problem in the upcoming episodes, that might require some major damage control. Will she end up making somebig mess at Deception? Or will she suffer some new consequences of her new prescription? There is also a possibility that Gladys could secretly leak her shoplifting incident to the press. The aftermath could cause a lot of mental trauma to Sasha. Thus, causing her to backslide in her recovery.

On the other end, Esme will feel like she has had enough of all the accusations about her past that she doesn’t even remember. She will make it her new mission to uncover all the details of her past on General Hospital. This may lead Esme to eventually reach out to her mother, Heather Webber, for help! The latest spoilers tease that actress Ally Mills will soon return to the soap as Heather! So watch out for all the new troubles she might bring with her to Port Charles!

General Hospital Spoilers For July 24-29, 2023: Dex Makes A Grisly Discovery, Drew Feels Conflicted About Cyrus

Moving into the week of July 24-29,2023, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Dex will make some shocking and dark discoveries. Could it be a dead body that he swiftly reports to Sonny? Speaking of Sonny, he will be busy trying to break apart an argument between Ava and Austin. Perhaps, Ava will finally confess the truth about what happened with Nik, and how Mason is blackmailing her to spy on Sonny. This makes us wonder if the corpse that Dex finds could be Mason? The plot keeps getting thicker on this one! So stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what happens here!

General Hospital

Over at Pentonville, despite Cyrus’ many claims about having found religion and getting reformed, Drew will have doubts. He will wonder if Cyrus is putting up an act on General Hospital to play a bigger game. Conflicted, Drew will eventually confront Cyrus and demand the truth. But what will Cyrus tell him? Will it be the truth that Drew is expecting, or will Cyrus manage to prove that he is telling the truth about being reformed? Only time will tell!

Portia Tries To Comfort A Loved One, Nina and Willow Make Progress

General Hospital spoilers for July 24-29, 2023, reveal that Portia will be busy comforting someone. It could be Trina, since she is so hard hit by Curtis’ condition. But, it could also be Curtis himself. Previously, the doctors informed the family that the bullet is lodged too close to his spine. Thus, there is a possibility that Curtis will wake up with paralysis or something similar in the upcoming episodes. If that happens, he will certainly need Portia by his side to comfort him and give him hope!

Speaking of hope, Nina will also find some, as far as her daughter, Willow, is concerned on General Hospital. Something that Nina does in the upcoming episodes will go a long way in impressing Willow. This will bring the mother and daughter a little bit closer, they finally begin to bond. Maybe Nina will do her best to stay civil with Carly, and that will make Willow realize that Nina is serious about reforming in order to remain in her life. However, the SEC -tip-off will continue to hang over Nina’s head as a bomb that could blow everything up! Do you think there is anything Nina can do at this point to make that go away? Tell us in the comments! Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates!





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