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Savannah Chrisley Reveals ‘Torture’ & ‘Psychological Abuse’

The more that Savannah Chrisley fights allegedly poor conditions in Pensacola FCI, the more members of the public slam her. However, it seems that inmates there appreciate her efforts to highlight issues. This time, it related to the alleged abuse of prisoners in the Residential Drug Abuse Program, (RDAP).

Savannah Chrisley Get Info From Whistleblowers

It seems that where there’s some smoke, there might be a bit of fire, judging by whistleblowers who contacted Todd Chrisley’s daughter. These days, she posts on her dad’s social media while he serves 12 years behind bars. Mostly, it’s about a lot of allegations against the warden of Pensacola. Of course, it’s not possible to prove the allegations, but word might be getting around. That’s because it seems that other inmates now contact the former Chrisley Knows Best star.

Recently, Savannah Chrisley’s’dad, Todd did a second interview with Brian Entin on News Nation. While a lot of people slammed Brian for giving Todd coverage, he noted something that many people seem to forget. Pensacola is not a high or medium-security prison. Most of the people there are held for white-collar crime and it’s supposed to be a low-security facility.

Allegations Of Abuse In The RDAP Program

A letter purporting to be from an RDAP inmate at Pensacola arrived in the mail and it was shared on Todd’s Instagram. Notably, it seems very well written. Clearly educated, the writer laid out claims of alleged abuse by two doctors involved in the RDAP program. The claim talked about “torture” and “psychological abuse.”

RDAP Abuse Allegations - Via Todd Chrisley Instagram
RDAP Abuse Allegations – Via Todd Chrisley Instagram

  In her caption, Savannah Chrisley added more information:

I received this in my Instagram account last week but missed it until I was notified today of further abuse by Mandy Ramsey who runs the RDAP program at FPC Pensacola where my dad is currently housed. The abuse being handed out to these men is appalling! According to the information I just received, Mandy Ramsey along with other staff at the prison held all of the men in the RDAP program in the visiting room a few days ago for 5 hours while she destroyed these mens living quarters and took their commissary and ruined it! She is such an ego maniac that she dumped the mens coffee in the middle of their beds and dumped food out that these mens families work hard to provide.

More Followed From The Chrisley Knows Best Alum

The long caption also talked about the doctor using personal influence with “Shannon Phelps the regional director” which “allows her to act this way.” So, the former reality TV star said that she will ask the “[legal] team… to ask that the FBI open an investigation into this facility and Mandy Ramsey and Dr Profit.”

While the usual “do the crime, do the time,” comments arrived, many people pay attention to what allegedly happens in these prisons. One of them, formerly an inmate commented on the allegations in the RDAP.

This is all too common and utterly disgusting. As a former inmate at FPC Coleman & Tallahasee I can attest to the horrors that occur at these facilities! Thank you for using your platform to expose the truth behind the walls of these prison camps! God bless you!

What are your thoughts about the new allegations? Do you think Savannah Chrisley is doing the right thing to ensure better conditions for low-security inmates? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best news.

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