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Chrisley’s Latest Reality Show to Document Todd & Julie Amidst Prison Circumstances

Chrisley Knows Best fans are thrilled their favorite family is returning to television. The new reality TV series, however, is missing one key component — Todd and Julie.

As fans know, Todd and Julie Chrisley are currently behind bars for fairly lengthy sentences. So, can’t help but wonder what this means for their participation in the new series. Will the reality TV parents be part of the series in any capacity?

Fans Joked Of ‘Chisley Knows Prison ‘

Now, there is an entire subReddit called Chrisley Knows Prison dedicated to the reality TV family. Many of the members of that Reddit community have jested that a spin-off series called Chrisley Knows Prison had potential. These fans argued it certainly wouldn’t be the first reality prison series.

Despite all the fan chatter, more realistic members of the community pointed out there was no way for this to happen. The federal prison system would never allow a filming crew into the facilities to make this happen.

Likewise, as fans know, Todd Chrisley reportedly looks vastly different without access to his hair dye and his Botox from behind bars. So, fans can only assume Todd would not be comfortable being on camera with the way he currently looks.

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Featuring Todd And Julie Chrisley In Some Capacity?

Because the new show is being promoted as a reality TV series, fans can only assume Todd and Julie will be featured in some capacity. While filming behind bars is unlikely, the couple will be in the show in spirit. Savannah, Chase, Nanny Faye, Grayson, and Chloe will likely speak of Todd and Julie on the show.

Both Savannah and Nanny Faye have openly addressed the fact that Chrisley Knows Best was heavily scripted because it was intended to be a comedy. And, they were interested in doing a reality TV series that actually stuck to the facts.

Even Todd had previously addressed the comedic slant the series took via his podcast.

Savannah and Nanny Faye/YouTube

Will Lindsie Chrisley Be On The Show?

As fans know, Lindsie mended bridges with her family prior to Todd and Julie going to jail. She, however, seemed to undo all those mended bridges with her siblings once Todd and Julie were out of the picture.

The siblings have not been seen together or done a podcast together since. Likewise, Lindsie Chrisley has addressed both reality TV shows and documentaries on her podcast and social media. And, she didn’t seem happy about it.

Lindsie Chrisley Youtube

Lindsie admits she isn’t comfortable with doing anything in front of a camera with her parents behind bars as it prevents them from being able to tell their side of the story. Moreover, she isn’t interested in being part of a narrative like that.

Unfortunately, there is no real reason to believe Todd and Julie Chrisley will be filming for the new reality TV series. Fans, however, can expect them to come up. In fact, Savannah said she was done speaking for Chloe and Grayson regarding their parents. She wanted them to be able to speak for themselves. The new series may just give them a platform to do so.

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Do you think this series will be enjoyable without Todd and Julie Chrisley? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more reality TV news.

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