GH Star Michael Easton Discovers ‘Beautiful’ Proof of His Late Mother’s Love

Michael Easton says his beautiful mom kept copies of a famous issue featuring her son.

People magazine included General Hospital star Michael Easton in its 1992 Most Beautiful People issue. The actor wasn’t on GH at the time as Hamilton Finn, but rather he was a cast member of Days of our Lives, playing Tanner. The actor is sharing now that he knows for sure that his late mother was quite proud of her son being included.

The Bold and the Beautiful People

“When this magazine came out in 1992, I never really talked about it with my parents because in a proper Irish household they’re always worried you’ll ‘get a swell head,’” Easton shared on Instagram. “But after my mom passed, I was boxing up some of her things and found that she had bought four copies at the supermarket and saved them in a drawer. My mom was the beautiful one.”

Of course, not that the actor needed evidence of his mom’s support, it is a lovely message he posted along with photos that can be seen below. The issue’s cover features Oscar-winner Jodie Foster (Silence of the Lambs) as the main image. Also included is GH alum Elizabeth Taylor, who will forever be known as Helena Cassadine, the woman who put a curse on Laura and Luke on their wedding day in November 1981.


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“Your Mom was stunning. You look a lot like her,” posted restlessinvb. Another poster, rho4music, wrote: “That is so touching. She was so proud of her son. Something to cherish.” Added denise_zee, “Nice story. I still have that issue.”

Michael Easton only recently officially joined Instagram and he’s been making up for lost time, sharing photos and stories from his life. He’s already posted about his dear, late friend Kama de los Reyes (Antonio, One Life to Live) and his “man crush” on Oscar-winner Cillian Murphy.


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