GH Spoilers Speculation: Carly Gets a New Business Partner

Who owns the other half of Kelly’s Diner on GH?

GH spoilers would like us to believe that Carly thinks she’ll recover the life she’s accustomed to after experiencing a $5 million shortfall by…running a diner? Even the most well-reviewed, upscale restaurants operate at a tiny profit margin. We can’t imagine an eight-table, hole-in-the-wall on the docks of a medium-sized town in upstate New York is the key to replenishing her nest egg. But what do we know? But, to add insult to injury, we’re not even sure all of Kelly’s Diner is even Carly’s to keep.

GH Spoilers Speculation: Sibling Bond

Kelly’s Diner used to belong, as you might have guessed, to the Kelly family. First, Paddy Kelly, then his much younger wife, Rose Kelly. Paddy had a son, Joe Kelly. Joe once dated Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman). But that’s not how she got her hands on the place. After the Kellys, Kelly’s Diner was passed onto Ruby (Norma Connolly). When Ruby died, she left it to her niece and nephew, Bobbie and Luke (Anthony Geary).

GH: Nepo Baby

Bobbie handed her share over to her daughter Carly (Laura Wright). But what happened to Luke’s half? We still haven’t gotten a straight answer.

Sure, it’s possible that when Luke died, he left his share to his beloved Barbara Jean. But does Luke strike anyone as the organized, responsible, I made a will type? Heck, if he did make a will, it’s just as likely he left his estate to kids Lucky, Lulu, and even that illogical and indefensible Ethan.

GH Spoilers: Hope for the Future

But Luke is not organized. Or responsible. And the odds are just as good that he died without any will at all. Which means everything would have automatically gone to his wife at the time…Tracy (Jane Elliot).

This means that Carly’s new business partner is…Tracy. Now there is a spinoff we are ready, willing, and hopefully soon able to watch. Carly and Tracy: Fry Cooks.

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