“Breaking News: Shocking Split for Curtis and Portia in General Hospital! Curtis’ Injury Sparks a Monumental Decision!”

A near-death experience can indeed change a person inside out. We know that Curtis is in General Hospital, fighting for his life. While the spoilers suggest that he will be saved but will he still be his normal self? It doesn’t look like so. General Hospital spoilers suggest that in the upcoming days, as Curtis struggles to live his normal self, he will make a big decision that will affect not just him but his whole family. What would he do? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers for updates.

Curtis Has Been Shot

It was not long ago that Anna, Sonny, and Curtis were walking by the Metro Court pool. Soon, Dante joined them and suddenly yelled at them to duck down after seeing a gunman on the roof. Everyone got down, but unfortunately, one bullet struck Curtis’ back. He is hospitalized to date in General Hospital and there is still no clue regarding the shooter or his target. However, Anna planned to play the bait to draw the criminal out. Dante also suggested that Sonny could have been the target. We must see who is the target in the future episodes.

General Hospital

As Curtis was shot near his spine, the doctors feared that it could lead to lasting damage. Trina and Portia prayed hard for his recovery, and TJ assisted with the surgery at General Hospital. Curtis escaped danger, but now, the fear has become real. Curtis will get shocked when he wakes up and realizes he can’t move. Yes, the General Hospital spoilers suggest that he will feel paralyzed as his spine was affected by the bullet. He may be able to only twitch one finger, and this situation could make Curtis bitter and helpless.

Curtis Distances Himself, Breaks Up With Portia on General Hospital

Curtis’ near-death incident will make Portia realize how much she loves him. Although she knows that Curtis kissed Jordan, Portia will decide to forget everything. She will be more than happy that Curtis is alive. She will want to take care of him from now on. Speaking of which, Portia even might assure Curtis that she will support him through this difficulty. She will also tell him this is their second chance to rebuild their relationship on General Hospital.

It is great of Portia to support Curtis, but he might not accept her love or support. Knowing that he cannot walk any longer, Curtis may take a drastic decision for his love life. He might assume that Portia’s life could become hard if she keeps caring for him throughout her life. Hence, Curtis may push her to file a divorce, only to let Portia live freely. Moreover, this decision will not only make him distant from Portia but even from his daughter, Trina Robinson. Do you think Curtis will divorce Portia, or will she find a way to save her marriage? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.

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