General Hospital: Ava And Anna In For BIG SHOCKS

The air in Port Charles is always heavy with drama and suspense on General Hospital! In town- unpredictable, anything is possible! Even the return of the long-gones! And why are we circling this well-established point, you may wonder? Well, because the viewers and the townies are about the get a double dose of blasts from the pasts! Some thrilling returns, connected to Ava Jerome and Anna Devane are on the cards! Dive right in to find out who’s coming back this time!

Delia Ryan Makes A Comeback

The last time we saw Ava’s bio-mom, Delia Ryan, it was way back in 2015. The character that originated on ABC’s Ryan’s Hope. However, in 2013, Delia crossed over to General Hospital, and was portrayed by actress Ilene Kristen. Sam and Silas had gone to New York, trying to unearth if Ava and Sam had any familial connection with each other. There, Delia divulged that she was Ava’s bio-mom. Later, Delia arrived at Port Charles, upon being summoned by Ava. Even though the mother and daughter were not close, Ava needed her mother’s help in getting freed from Sonny, and Delia had willingly agreed to help. Thus, catapulting their relationship to a much better place.

Coming back to the present, in the recent General Hospital episode, Austin passed on a message to Ava, which was more like a veiled threat, meant to make Ava fall in line. Austin told Ava that Mason wants her to know about Ryan’s bar. Ava immediately connected the dots and responded that it’s the same place where her mom works. It won’t take long for Ava to realize how deep she has landed in the quicksand. She has already been fearful of her daughter, Avery’s safety.

Now, with Delia getting into the mix, the danger is higher than ever. However, we wonder if this threat will just play out off-screen, or we will get to see Delia drop by at Port Charles again! If she does, then she might just want to stick around and help Ava find a way to climb out of her mess. Moreover, we do hope that is she chooses to stick, she comes out alive to tell the tale, and not fall victim to Mason!

Anna Get’s A Major Shock, Alex Rises From The Dead On General Hospital

Currently, on General Hospital, Anna has busied herself in the pursuit of discovering the perpetrator that orchestrated the Metro Court shootout. We all know how much Anna needed a distraction, after the whole WSB tragedy. Thus, Anna has drowned herself in the hunt with Dante. Although, there is a possibility that the intended target of the shooter could have been Sonny, or even Curtis! But it is equally likely that the target indeed was Anna. Well, we will find out the truth, sooner or later! However, as of now, some evidence points towards the case being WSB-related!

But who could be targeting Anna on General Hospital? Moreover, this person seems to be enjoying playing hide and seek with Anna. So this certainly is personal! And that’s enough to ring the bell! What if Anna’s twin, Alex, is behind the shooting? Yes, we know, Alex is dead! But is she? Is anyone ever really dead forever? Alex is just as smart as Anna, so faking her death and going into hiding isn’t beyond her abilities at all! Moreover, with Victor faded, Anna does need someone to spar with! Who better than her nemesis, Alex! There is too much unresolved history there! And with Valentin away, Alex would have found this to be the perfect opportunity to get back on Anna!

How long do you think Anna will take to connect those dots? Moreover, would you like to see another round of Alex vs Anna? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.


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