Will THIS Happen Now That GH’s Sonny Knows Dex’s Dirty Little Secret?

Sonny figured out the whole truth

For nearly two years, General Hospital fans have waited for Sonny to learn that his own son planted his new Jason, aka Dex Heller, in Sonny’s criminal organization to bring him down. Now, as of the February 14th episode, the truth is out, and anything can happen.

Sonny Sees Through Carly’s Lies

It’s amusing that the fact that Carly (Laura Wright) is broke was the giveaway Sonny (Maurice Benard) needed to know that she was lying to him when she told him she was the one making large deposits into Dex’s (Evan Hofer) offshore bank account. Carly swooped into a scene in the Pine Barrens to ensure Sonny didn’t kill Dex and immediately told him she was Dex’s mystery benefactor.

Sonny knew that couldn’t be true since Carly just had to pay millions to the SEC and now runs a diner she bought for a dollar and a magazine because the job was handed to her a few weeks ago as a revenge plot. Amazingly, Sonny deduced that it was Michael (Chad Duell) who was paying Dex and realized right away that Dex was hired to get dirt on Sonny and not to protect him.

Finally, Carly had to tell him her warped version of the truth. In Carly’s eyes, Sonny dating Nina (Cynthia Watros) meant he was off the ball and couldn’t take care of himself, so she and Michael hired Dex to do it — but only AFTER Dex was already being paid to send Sonny to jail.

Sonny wasn’t buying that excuse. Instead, he was incredulous and furious at Carly and her son for betraying him, keeping secrets, AND not trusting him to care for himself.

Will Sonny Re-Think His Choices?

For months, Ava (Maura West) reminded Nina how much Sonny hates to be lied to and betrayed. If you rat out a member of his family as Nina did when she turned in Carly and Drew (Cameron Mathison) to the SEC, he doesn’t forgive so easily. But what about when a family member rats him out, as Michael planned to do for AN ENTIRE YEAR while he paid Dex to gather evidence against his father?

Perhaps Sonny will slowly realize that what Nina did to Carly was child’s play compared to what Michael tried doing to him. Sure, he changed his mind, but he didn’t fess up, leading Michael and Carly to lie to Sonny for another year.

Sonny and Nina have barely said two words to one another since the SEC secret came out, but maybe it’s time to talk about what happened and slowly work their way back to one another. Knowing Michael and Carly’s secret might not solve everything with Sonny and his wife, but it can sure put things in perspective.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. For an in-depth look at the show’s history, click here.

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