Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Rough Times Ahead for Sharon, Nick, and Adam

Can this Y&R family that fights together succeed together?

Y&R spoilers want us to think that Sharon, Nick, and Adam can all work happily together — and that’s even before Phyllis is added to the mix. Talk about Three’s a Crowd, The Odd Couple, and any other old sitcom title that also applies.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

Sharon (Sharon Case) has been romantically involved with both Adam (Mark Grossman) and Nick (Joshua Morrow). Adam stole baby Faith at birth and handed her off to Ashley (Eileen Davidson). There is a LOT of baggage there. And we’re not even touching on Adam and Nick’s sibling rivalry. Can this partnership end in anything short of bloodshed?

Young and the Restless: Tick, Tick, Boom

This is going to blow up in everyone’s faces. We’re not even sure who will light the flame first. Will it be Adam going off on his own, as usual? Will it be Sharon demonstrating that she has no idea what she is doing? Will it be Nick, laying down some ultimatums Victor-style? Or will it be all at the same time?

Y&R: Los Tres Amigos

What we’re most curious about is what Victor (Eric Braeden) actually wants to happen. Does he want to see his sons work together, then fold them in under his precious favorite daughter — sorry, Abby (Melissa Ordway) — and the company he gave her? Is Victor rooting for them to succeed so he can say “I told you so?” Or is he rooting for them to fail? So he can say “I told you so?”

Y&R Spoilers: Rough Sailing

They’ll make it. If only to prove Victor wrong. And they both have shown they are capable of cooperating — when it’s in their interests. Maybe Nick and Adam could even bond over their mutual affection for Sharon and wanting to help her succeed in something so important to her. There will be tough times. But they’re all tough people.


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