Chrisley Knows Best: Another Lindsie Chrisley Relationship Confirmed Down The Tubes

Chrisley Knows Best fans have been discussing rumors that Lindsie Chrisley split from her boyfriend Trent Weiser. And now, it seems confirmed. The news which arrived via a source also disses rumors that she planned on getting back with Will Campbell.

Lindsie Chrisley Took Heat On Social Media

Chrisley Knows Best fans felt angry with Todd Chrisley’s daughter because she hinted at a split. But, when people started talking about it, she slammed them for it. So right now, her popularity doesn’t seem to be very high. Actually, many people feel sorry for her son Jackson, who struggled with his mom’s divorce from Will.

Lindsie Chrisley With Jackson - Instagram
Lindsie Chrisley With Jackson – Instagram

Lindsie Chrisley got slam-dunked for allegedly being a bad parent. Critics on social media complained because Jackson probably only just got used to Trent Weiser and he disappeared from his life. Actually, when Todd made a statement about the divorce, he highlighted his concerns for Jackson. Recall that made his daughter wild with rage.

Trent Gone Into The History Books

On Friday, People confirmed that a source told them the relationship with Trent ended. If you don’t know, they dated for almost a year, and now it’s part of history. The outlet cited their source as saying:

Lindsie is taking time to process the events that unfolded and focusing on healing to be the best version of herself. There was no cheating involved in the decision to split. An outside influence was a leading factor in the breakup.

Lindsie and Trent - Lindsie Chrisley - Instagram
Lindsie and Trent – Lindsie Chrisley – Instagram

Putting the rumors to rest about rejoining her ex-husband Will, the insider also said that Lindsie Chrisley “did not end her relationship to reconcile with [him].” At this time, they consider themselves friends who co-parent their son amicably.

Lindsie Chrisley Was Thought To Be With Thomas Mollura

When the Chrisley Knows Best alum first confirmed a new boyfriend, she told her followers that it wasn’t Thomas Mollura, a.k.a Suburban Dad. Actually, that came and went quickly, and by June, her fans found out she’d dated Trent since February of 2023. Soon, photos arrived of them enjoying Mexico, ironically the place where she went when she eloped with Will.

Critics and naysayers decided that a relationship with Trent would not last. Actually, Linsdie has an unfortunate rep for splitting. She and Will had separated before. Anyway, the podcaster vowed to keep any relationships offline in the future because people assume a lot of things about her which causes her mental health issues.

What are your thoughts on Lindsie Chrisley’s split from Trent, which seems to have been confirmed by a source? Some fans suspect that he wanted to go back to a previous relationship. Perhaps she was the outside influence? Sound off in the comments, and come back here for more Chrisley Knows Best family news.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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