Todd and Julie Chrisley’s prison sentences could be reduced more — Here’s why

Todd and Julie Chrisley have been behind bars for under eight months.

The Chrisley Knows Best stars were convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion in 2022 and reported to serve their time on January 17, 2023.

Initially, Todd was given 12 years behind bars, and Julie was given 7. Their combined sentence was 19 years, and Julie petitioned the court to serve her sentence on home confinement, which was not granted.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, the Chrisleys’ sentences were shortened recently. Todd’s release was moved up two years, while Julie’s was moved up slightly over a year.

The Chrisleys are appealing their convictions, and the shortened sentences had nothing to do with that.

In fact, their sentences could be reduced even more.

Todd and Julie Chrisley could have prison sentences reduced even more
Learning that Todd and Julie Chrisley had their sentences reduced earlier this week was good news for supporters of the family.

Savannah Chrisley has remained steadfast in believing her parents are innocent, so reducing their time being bars is a step in the right direction. She stepped in to raise her siblings, Grayson and Chloe Chrisley, and takes them to see Todd and Julie when she can.

According to the Chrisleys’ lawyer, more time could come off their sentences.

Jay Surgent told PEOPLE, “There’s going to be the adoption of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, changes, modifications, recommendations for reduction of sentences for nonviolent offenders. So [I] don’t know at this point in time, but they should be getting two points a piece for that. So that’ll further reduce their sentences.”

He also hinted at a strong appeal case for the Chrisleys. If they win, that would change everything for the family.

Savannah and Chase Chrisley team up
Since Savannah Chrisley took over as guardian of Grayson and Chloe Chrisley, Chase Chrisley has stepped up to help, too.

Both Savanah and Chase showed up for Chloe’s first day of school.

The siblings have also intentionally raised awareness about the situations in some of these state facilities. Not having working air conditioning was a big point they touched on this year. It has been a sweltering summer for most of the country, and Chase and Savannah drove the complaint home.

A television show in the works will document their lives without Todd and Julie and the situations they face as a family. While a network has not been announced, it was confirmed that a production company is working with Savannah and Chase.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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