Chrisley Knows Best: After Nic Kerdiles’ Death.The executor of his estate is named: Who is it?

At the time of Nic Kerdiles’ passing, his exact net worth was unclear. Many outlets, however, estimated it to be somewhere between $2M and $5M. Sadly, the former NHL player was never married. He also never had any children. Naturally, this has some fans of the late professional athlete wondering what happens to his estate and fortune that he left behind. Has an executor been named? Keep reading for the details.

Nic Kerdiles’ Executor Of Estate Named: Who Is It?

It was on September 23 of this year that Nic Kerdiles tragically passed away. His death hit Chrisley Knows Best fans hard as he was once engaged to be married to Savannah. Likewise. Nic Kerdile was also very close to Todd Chrisley as well as Todd’s sons. Many viewed him to be a member of the Chrisley family even though he was no longer with Savannah.

Now, a little over a month after he passed, fans are wondering: What happened to his estate? Per legal documents obtained by Radar Online, the question has been answered. An executor of his estate has been named.

Savannah Chrisley & Nic Kerdiles [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Who Is It?

Per Radar Online, court documents confirm Davidson County court in Nashville, Tennessee named two people as the co-executors of Nic Kerdiles’ estate. Those two people are the former professional athlete’s mother and father. The paperwork listed Nathalie Kerdiles and Michel Kerdiles as “joint co-executors.” Basically, this means that his mother and father have full control of his fortune and his estate.

Given his lack of children and wife, this was the most likely outcome. The only exception would have been if Nic Kerdiles had drawn up a will and specifically named someone as the executor of his estate.

Here is exactly what the court documents said: “Nathalie Kerdiles and Michel Kerdiles, are appointed as Co-Executors of the Decedent’s estate, and Letters Testamentary shall be issued to them upon making oath. Petitioners are appointed to serve as Co-Executors. Petitioners are ready, willing and able to serve as Co-Executors of the Decedent’s estate.”

Todd Chrisley & Nic Kerdiles [Instagram]

Nic Kerdiles Drafted His Will In 2022

Surprisingly, Nic Kerdiles drafted a will just nine months before he passed away. His will stated that he wanted to leave everything to his mother as long as she was willing and able. If for some reason his mother was not able to take over his estate, he wished for his father to be named as the executor of his estate.

He penned: “If she does not act or ceases to act, then I designate my father, Michel Kerdiles, as my Executor.” 


Got Nic Kerdiles On The Brain? [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]

At just 29 years old, Nic Kerdiles’ death was sudden and unexpected. Fans can only imagine how difficult sorting through his estate and fortune must be for his parents. Fans, however, are happy his final wishes in his will were honored.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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