ABC GH Spoiler! Major Cast Exits, Shocking Deaths & Secret Dads!

You’re listening to Soap Dirt, the latest in television entertainment news. Hey General Hospital fans, Belinda from Soap Dirt here, and today I’ve got something special. I’ve got a rumor roundup for the coming weeks and into the summer. I always want to be clear with you guys on what’s rumor, what’s spoiler, and what’s, you know, speculation, a conversation of us talking about could this happen, would this happen, things like that. So these things I’m about to share with you are very interesting, but they are strictly rumor, not spoiler. So be sure and click subscribe if you have not, and now let’s dig in and talk about them again. Rumors, not spoilers, not confirmed, but very juicy and fun to talk about and consider what if they happen. So we’ve got five storyline rumors about main characters and two possible actor exits that we have heard about, so let’s dive right in.

The very first thing is about Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding, and this is kind of an interesting rumor because it’s kind of a non-dramatic thing. And it says their wedding goes off without a huge explosion or a reveal or an interruption. And with weddings on soap operas, you know, that’s usually a good place for things to go awry. And that’s true with any soap. So I think it’s fair to think about what would blow up the Brook Lynn and Chase wedding. And the good news is, well, I don’t know if it’s news, but hopefully, if this rumor is true, there’s not going to be any shootings, explosions, hostage takings, returns from the dead, secret twins to interrupt their nuptials.

They should be sweet, funny, very loving, and that’s what spoilers hint at also when we saw the May sweeps official spoilers, and that aligns to this rumor as well. But another rumor attached to the wedding is kind of fun too. It says that Sasha Gilmore catches the bouquet. That is quite timely considering that Chase invited her to stay in his room, and she just kissed him recently. So in terms of these rumors, it all seems very likely.

The next rumor is wedding adjacent because it’s about someone linked to the couple that is getting hitched, but it supposedly happens after the wedding. This tidbit of gossip says that Gregory Chase dies from complications of his ALS not long after their big day. And I mean, to be fair, we all know Gregory is going to die. He has an incurable illness that’s degenerative. And I did a little bit of research, and I saw that half of ALS patients die within 14 to 18 months of diagnosis.

And it was over a year ago, around April 2023, so 13 months ago, that we first found out Gregory had ALS. But he already knew he had it, so he could be getting very close to that 14 to 18 month milestone of 50% survivorship. And especially with that really bad spell he had the other day where he was temporarily paralyzed and struggling to breathe. It was very scary because also according to my research, the most common cause of death for ALS sufferers is breathing failure, sort of like what we already saw with Gregory. So yeah, this is a rumor again, but very, very plausible because we do know he’s going to die. So really, the question is more not if but when.

The third rumor: we’ve seen a few new faces on some of the kids in Port Charles lately, but this rumor is about a legacy offspring who is not currently on General Hospital. She was last seen close to Thanksgiving 2023. She is the grandchild of three huge characters on the ABC soap, two present, one past, and the child of two hugely popular but now exited characters. If you have not guessed who I’m talking about, it is precious Emma Drake, granddaughter of Noah Drake, Anna Devane, and Robert Scorpio, and daughter of Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio. The rumor says Emma Drake may be recast and brought back as part of the young adult scene, probably for summer. If you didn’t know it, Brooklyn Rae Silzer, who played Emma for years, is very busy pursuing a degree in nursing. She’s not really working as an actor anymore. She kind of showed up on GH as a little favor, but Anna could certainly use some family around, and that would be a lot of fun. I will update you if I hear any casting news, but of course, this remains in the category of rumor.

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