Nic Kerdiles Sends Savannah Chrisley Sign From Heaven: See Pic

When Savannah Chrisley first broke silence on Nic Kerdiles’ tragic passing she begged him to send her a sign. A sign that he was at peace and happy on the other side. Moreover, she also admitted she had hoped he would find a way to respond to her last text message just one more time.

“I’m still hoping you respond to my text.” She penned in one Instagram Stories post.

She added another before asking him for a sign he was alright on the other side: “Heaven gained the most beautiful angel today. I miss you and I love you…I’ll forever save our messages of ‘I love you’…. [Send] me a sign that you’re ok….maybe it’ll be thru a ham and cheese crepe or pasta with white sauce…or maybe your favorite carrot cake.”

In a new update to her Instagram Stories, Savannah Chrisley reveals Nic Kerdiles has answered her prayers. Praising him for being an “overachiever,” Savannah shared how he had sent her a sign from beyond the grave.

Savannah Chrisley, Nic Kerdiles

Just how did he do that exactly? Keep reading to see Savannah’s sign from Nic.

Nic Kerdiles Sends Savannah Chrisley Sign From Heaven: See Pic
Taking to her Instagram Stories, Savannah Chrisley shared a photo of a text message she received from a friend named Candace Marino. Sharing a photo of what almost looked like a grilled cheese, her friend noted “Girl I can’t make this up.”

Turns out, Savannah Chrisley’s friend had just come downstairs to find out that her mother had made some ham and cheese crepes for them to enjoy. Savannah’s friend proceeds to explain her mother had NEVER made crepes like this before.

Her friend added that she believed Nic Kerdiles would continue to find “random” ways. Random ways to reach out to Savannah and his loved ones to let them know he was alright. Savannah Chrisley’s friend did make it a point to clarify that her mother had not seen Savannah’s Instagram post about Nic and wanting a sign prior to feeling the urge to make these crepes.

Calling Nic Kerdiles an “overachiever,” Savannah added a crying emoji as she shared that he had already found a way to let her know he was up in Heaven and enjoying a hot crepe.

Savannah Chrisley - Instagram

She Has Also Found Comfort

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Savannah Chrisley has also found comfort by leaning on an old memory for support. In a separate post, she shared a memory of the first time Nic Kerdiles connected with God. Savannah admitted the memory gave her such comfort as she tried to cope with his passing.

Do you think the ham and cheese crepe was a sign from Nic Kerdiles? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news and updates.

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