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Why Esme Is Gone For Good From GH ???

Will she ever come back to GH – badder than ever?

Esme and Spencer went overboard on General Hospital, and while it seems likely that the Cassadine scion — not to mention the grandson of Port Charles mayor Laura Collins — will make his way back home sooner or later, what about his one-time girlfriend, and longtime nemesis, Esme Prince?

general hospital esme prince may be long gone.

Brush It Off

In the great scheme of things, Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) hasn’t really committed that awful of a crime. Seduced Nikolas (Adam Huss) in order to get pregnant? Who hasn’t done that once — or a half dozen times? Framed Trina (Tabyana Ali) for a crime she didn’t commit? Some people make a career out of that move. Sided with a psychotic, criminal parent? Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) kids have no other options. So if they can all be forgiven, why not Esme?

Back Pocket

Esme was a terrific villainess. Port Charles can always use someone to stir the pot. She shouldn’t come back right away, but the next time things are feeling too calm and placid, she definitely should pop up. Especially since Esme still has one major piece of unfinished business. Nik took her son. The only person on Earth Esme actually loves unconditionally. There is no way she’s leaving her precious baby Ace out there alone. He needs his mommy!

Evil Is As Evil Does

But going after Ace doesn’t mean Esme should reform. The two things don’t necessarily go together. In fact, looking for Ace just begs for Esme to go all scorched earth, and destroy anyone who stands in her way. That doesn’t just mean Ace.

Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) is the one who gave the tot away. He needs to pay for that. Trina supported him. Ditto. And all those good people of Port Charles who approved of Esme being separated from her son, need to feel the full force of Esme’s wrath. While we sit back and get the popcorn.

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