Amber Marshall Reveals What Sets Her Apart From Amy Fleming

Actress Opens Up About Finding Common Ground and Key Differences With Her Beloved Character

Amber Marshall, the actress who portrays Amy Fleming on the long-running CBC series Heartland, recently opened up about the surprising ways she’s like and unlike her TV character.

Real-Life Inspiration for Heartland Storylines

Marshall, who’s played Amy since the show’s debut in 2007, acknowledges a special connection between her life and the character. In a 2019 interview, she revealed that some of Amy’s storylines are inspired by Marshall’s own experiences living on an Alberta ranch.

“There’s a real blend between me and Amy,” Marshall said. “The writers seem to pick up on things that happen in my life, and living on a ranch definitely rubs off on you. It makes playing Amy natural and allows me to bring a genuine quality to the character.”

One aspect Marshall particularly enjoys is filming scenes involving her character’s bond with her horse, Spartan. “The connection between Amy and Spartan is amazing, and it’s grown so much over the years,” she said. “Stormy, the horse who plays Spartan, has been with the show since the beginning, and we’ve definitely formed a strong bond ourselves.”

Embracing the Drama of Television

While Marshall’s life informs the show, she recognizes a key difference between herself and Amy: Amy’s dramatic flair, a necessity for compelling television. “Amy is definitely more dramatic than I am,” Marshall admitted on the Hallmarkies Podcast. “But that’s kind of the job description in television. There needs to be conflict to keep things interesting.”

Heartland Star Amber Marshall Leads the Calgary Stampede Parade

Horses vs. All Creatures Great and Small

The interview also revealed a subtle difference in their love for animals. Marshall sees Amy as solely focused on horses, whereas Marshall has a broader love for all creatures. “We share similar core values,” Marshall said. “But Amy is a bit more horse-obsessed. I’m more of an animal person in general.”

This translates to Marshall’s real-life farm, where she cherishes all her animals equally. “I love my chickens, dogs, and cats just as much as my horses,” she shared. “Amy, on the other hand, seems to have tunnel vision for horses. It’s horses or nothing for her.”

Marshall continued, “Unlike Amy, I spend time with all my farm animals, giving my cows neck scratches and affection just like the horses. I enjoy that well-roundedness of farm life. But overall, I’d say there’s a strong connection between me and Amy.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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