Cole Hauser Rides the Wild Frontier in ‘Dead Man’s Vengeance,’ Now Streaming!

Sign us up for any chance to see Hauser as a Wild West hero.

Catch Yellowstone star Cole Hauser in the gritty and violent new Western film Dead Man’s Hand.

Hauser appears as a marshal who joins forces with the main character to help him dole out justice and rescue his wife.

Stephen Dorff (True Detective, The Righteous Gemstones) and Jack Kilmer (Willow, The Nice Guys), the son of Val Kilmer, join Hauser in the blood-soaked and action-packed shoot-’em-up.

The trailer shows a wonderful and tense chemistry between the actors, where it seems everyone is at each other’s throats, and culminates in an explosive montage set to a rap song — an unexpected combination that we wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

The story follows Reno (Kilmer), who left his gunslinger life behind after marrying Vegas. However, circumstances force him to use his skills again when he’s forced to defend himself and ends up killing a bandit. The bandit’s brother, the ruthless Mayor Bishop (Dorff), is set on avenging his sibling’s death. In a brutal act of revenge, Bishop and his private army attack Reno and Vegas. Reno is seriously injured, and his wife is kidnapped. Fueled by a desire for vengeance, Reno teams up with Marshal Roy McCutcheon (Hauser) to seek retribution against those who harmed them.

The critical reviews aren’t stellar, but according to us, any chance to see Hauser kicking ass as a Wild West hero is worth the price of admission. Rip Wheeler’s days are numbered in Yellowstone Season 5’s final episodes, so sign us up for any and every new Hauser project.

The 2023 American Western movie is directed by Brian Skiba. The screenplay was written by Skiba and Corin Nemec and is based on the graphic novel No Rest of the Wicked: Dead Man’s Hand by Kevin Minor and Matthew Minor.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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