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The PCPD Is Getting A New Member On GH…And It May Be Fatal

This is the last person anyone expected to join the police force.

The PCPD has had a lot of changes recently on General Hospital. They’ve got a new police commissioner, one of their finest is fighting for his life…and the Wednesday, March 27 episode revealed that someone unexpected may just be joining the force.

There’s An Offer On The Table

Ever since Dex (Evan Hofer) spilled his guts to Anna (Finola Hughes) about his involvement in Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) organization out of guilt, Anna has only wanted to protect him. Now, she’s made him an offer that he can’t refuse, even if it could backfire.

When Dex arrived at her office, he assumed it was because the commissioner wanted him to testify against his old boss. Instead, Anna proposed Dex work for her at the PCPD. When Dex made the argument that he’s done things as bad as the criminals she’s after — like almost murdering Cyrus (Jeff Kober) on Sonny’s orders — Anna assured him that the best cops are the ones who knows how easy it is to go wrong because they have, like the way Anna’s past cost her her position with the WSB.

Should Dex Take It?

When Dex later saw Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and she asked why he hadn’t left town yet, he simply told her that he might have a reason to stay, implying he intends to take Anna up on the job offer.

Although Anna believes this job would ensure Dex’s safety from Sonny, it could easily backfire the second Sonny learns that his former right-hand man is working for the cops. If Sonny didn’t want to eliminate Dex before, he certainly will want to now.

Do you think Dex is making the right decision? Let us know in the comments.

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