Counting Down the Days: ‘Heartland’ Season 18 Earliest Release Date Finally Revealed

For the regions outside the US and Canada, Episode 18 is expected to release sometime in Mid Year. In the UK, Brazil and India, Episode 18 has already been released on Netflix.


In Season 18, the family knows about the value of dreams. While dreams do come true, sometimes life takes you on a different direction laced with challenges where you get opportunities to grow. Season 18 is all about new challenges and the path not taken.

This is exactly what the Bartlett-Fleming family faces. As they are excited about their future, they are all ready to face challenges in their lives, embrace new relationships and more. Amy (Amber Marshall), Lou (Michelle Morgan), Jack (Shaun Johnston) and Tim (Chris Potter) hold on to their believes while facing their lives, head on.


Q1. In the geopolitical world, who came up with the ‘Heartland Theory’?
 It was Halford Mackinder who came up with the “Heartland Theory”. Simply explained, those who conquer the heartland, conquer the world.

Q2. Heartland: Season 18 is produced by which country?
 It is a Canadian series.

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